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Peace Was Only Ever Fleeting

The Great War against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters is the stuff of history lessons taught by Professor Binns. Hogwarts rebuilt itself, Diagon Alley flourished, and the Ministry of Magic became stronger than ever. It was a time of peace and prosperity for the Wizarding World, until a dark force called the Cadena tried to dismantle the fabric upon which the wizarding world was built. The darkness almost won; it was a time of war and fear, but as always the Order of the Phoenix rose from the ashes, and a community once broken pulled together to bring back the light. As the last embers burned out over the last battle, a new world was born from its ashes. The Cadena was gone, the Order of the Phoenix had won, and now it was time to rebuild a newer and better world without fear of what the Cadena would do. The dark was scattered to the wind...or so they thought.

It Is a Time of Rebirth

Life goes on. Hogwarts flourishes with the bright, hopeful faces of the students that arrive each year, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade bustle with commerce, and the Ministry of Magic stands once more as a symbol of strength in the wizarding world. Academia rules; the number of students enrolling at Cornswin Institute of Further Magic after Hogwarts is at an all time high. Once more the wizarding world is living in a time of peace, and rumors of the Order of the Phoenix have not been heard in years. There is no need for the group when wounds have healed and the world shines anew.

Wounds Heal, But Scars Remain

But, with every time of peace, there's always something looming in the shadows waiting for the right moment to try to change it. Unknown to the wizarding world, an old enemy has returned, bringing with it a familiar darkness long thought to be forgotten. The Death Eaters have returned in the Cadena's stead, stronger than before and determined not to allow history to repeat itself. With the Keys of Merlin in their possession, there's no telling what will happen next.

So, welcome to Potter's World, where the world is new, and the future and past could collide.