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Potters World. A Harry Potter RPG


Brought to you by the School of Governors....

Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Centennial Ball

You are invited to attend an evening of dancing and music.

For Whom: First year and up students, faculty and staff of Hogwarts
Where: The Great Hall
When: Friday, 9PM-ish GMT to Friday 9PM-ish GMT the following week
What to wear: Dress robes!

Note: The Hogwarts Express leaves to take students home for the holidays on Friday and will return with students the following Friday. Enjoy your break!


Potter's World will be offline for one week due to regular maintenance and to give staff a short break.
Promotions will happen during the break, and registration for the new term will happen immediately after the board reopens, at approximately 9PM GMT on Month Day Year.
Happy Shutdown!  

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