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  1. *Supreme Mugwump

    1 - Terms of Service/Forum Rules

    POTTERSWORLD TERMS OF SERVICE (ToS) & General Forum Rules Legalities Ratings Forbidden Material Character Creation Rules Account Management, Multiple Accounts, and Alters Signature/Avatar Rules Your Panel General Board Conduct Character Conduct Student Conduct Adult Conduct Disciplinary Policy Role-Playing Rules & Guidelines By joining Potter's World you indicat
  2. *Supreme Mugwump

    2 - How to Role-Play

    How to Role-Play This topic is a guide to the do’s and don’ts of roleplaying in our play-by-post format. Hopefully with the reading of this, you can have a better idea about how to role-play on this board, especially if this is your first time. Please read this carefully. What is Roleplaying? Roleplaying is the act of telling a story from your character’s point of view, while other people and their character contribute to it as well. You all begin on a specific plot line with a common knowledge background, which, in this case, is the Harry Potter universe and the back-story used by
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