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Potters World. A Harry Potter RPG
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1 - What IS PottersWorld?

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*Supreme Mugwump

Welcome to PottersWorld!

We are a role-playing site based off of the world created by JK Rowling in her Harry Potter book series. There are many forms of role-playing on the web; ours is as follows:

  • Play-by-Post -- We are a play-by-post site, which means characters interact through taking turns making a "post" in which their character speaks, they describe their setting and any internal and external reactions their character has to the situation.
  • Free Form -- We do not have an overall "plot" running through our board that everyone must adhere to, other than the generic premise of the books -- this is a magical world and you are a student making your way through Hogwarts. We provide the setting and some situations; it is up to YOU to create a personal plot with your character, and through this, combine your plot with others for your own adventure.
  • Post Canon/Alternate Universe -- Our world takes place roughly 3 generations AFTER the events of the Harry Potter book series. While we don't presuppose that this is near the year 2093, we want to distance ourselves from the characters in the books to allow for more original play.
  • Non-Canon Characters -- We no longer allow canon characters or names to be registered. Please see the ToS for a list of canon surnames that cannot be used on PW.
  • Activity Level -- PottersWorld is for ACTIVE members only. Role-playing here works best when you can check in regularly because your character success depends on meaningful interactions with others. Any account not logged into after 60 days will be deleted without notice.
  • Family Friendly -- PottersWorld takes pride in being a family-friendly site. Most areas on our site are rated 12+ (meaning appropriate for 12 year olds or older). We do not allow sexually explicit material on this website. For a list of our "forbiddens", please click HERE.

Site Security
PottersWorld is a popular site, as you can see from our online members. This is an active membership community. Because of numerous instances in the past of unscrupulous people copying our material -- including our membership lists and contacts -- most of our site is unable to be viewed by non-members.

In order to allow guests to see what our site is like, "free tour" views (CLICK HERE) have been set up within this forum. Please feel free to browse these areas to see what PottersWorld is like.





Revision History

10NOV2018 - Updated information about canon characters/names

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*Supreme Mugwump
Your Role in Potter's World

Each new member joining PottersWorld will take a journey much as Harry Potter did -- your Hogwart's letter arrives, you enter through the Leaky Cauldron to Diagon Alley, you purchase your school supplies, you ride on the Hogwarts Express.

At first, the site may look a little bare to you, but as your post count increases, more and more "places" become visible to you, broadening your view of the wizarding world. You'll meet all of your fellow students on this journey -- will they be friends or enemies?

Everyone Begins as a Student
All new characters will begin as an 11 years old about to enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Moving up through the years and finally graduation should be every students goal; each "year" at Hogwarts will be a 6-week real-time cycle we call a "term". Once graduating from Hogwarts, characters will then be considered for acceptance into the 'adult' world, able to seem more forums, and able to participate in more adult plotlines.

Progressing Through the User Groups
On this forum, as in most others, accounts are divided into different "groups". These user groups help classify what kind of character yours is, where they can see and where they can post. Following are some of the user groups on PottersWorld.




New User
-- before making a single post


11year Old


-- after your application has been accepted; this group is able to post in the Leaky Cauldron


11year Old Shopper


-- when Diagon Alley becomes visible to you


11year Old Traveller


-- when Kings Cross Station becomes visible to you


1st Year


-- when Hogwarts becomes visible to you


2nd Year to 7th Year


-- students at Hogwarts, depending on what year your character is in


Prefect/Head Boy or Girl


-- honored students who may also act as lower-level board moderators




-- the "limbo" your character will be in just after they graduate but before their Adult World application has been accepted.




-- an unemployed Adult witch or wizard


The Shops


-- an adult character who works in a shop (Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley or Hogsmeade)


Ministry of Magic


-- an adult character who works for the Ministry of Magic


St. Mungo's Hospital


-- an adult character who works for St. Mungo's Hospital




-- characters not owned by individuals but by the board; sometimes referred to as "canon" characters




-- High-level board staff




-- Medium-level board staff


Requirements for Continued Membership
The requirements for keeping your membership active are as follows:


Post Length
-- minimum of 50 words per post


Post Number


-- minimum of 50 posts in the first 6 weeks (as a 1st Year Student), then 20 posts every 6 weeks after that as a Hogwarts student. Once you reach the Adult World, your post count will depend on your job.



Revision History

10NOV2018 - Updated term length

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