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*Supreme Mugwump

6 - Common Newbie Mistakes

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*Supreme Mugwump

Common Newbie Mistakes


Welcome to PottersWorld! Our site has been open for years and in that time, there are a few mistakes that new members seem to commit over and over. By compiling this list of common mistakes, we hope to avoid repeat offenses.


Posts under 50 words

Our rules state that you must make a post with 50 words or more. Anything less than that just doesn't give the other person enough to respond to. If you're struggling with your word count, try thinking about your character's emotions, about the surroundings, give them something to do and something more to say. It's worthwhile scanning through the posts of others to see how they do it.


OOC Comments

You have an inbox/PM system for a reason. Within your role-playing posts is NOT the place to tell your RPing partner that you love their post, that you think they should do another thread in the Library, or any other comments. Keep any OOC comments for citing a translation or giving a source of a quote or topic title. If you wish to personally contact your role-playing partner, a PM is the way to do it.


Foreign Words & Translations

If your character uses more than 5 foreign words in a post -- and we do mean ANY foreign words -- you need to provide a translation at the bottom of your post in an OOC note.



During your posts with other characters, emoticons are NOT to be used. These are just annoying and will be removed sooner than you can say 'look at me with my emoticon'. It saves time and energy for all if you just keep them for PMs. This includes topic titles and descriptions, as well as OOC notes too.


Funky fonts and text colors

Our system is set up so that the text you type and post is very legible -- the font size is a good one and the default color works best. Please leave it that way. Putting different fonts and colors just detracts from the intent of your text, and depending on the computer it is viewed on, other people may not be able to read it well. This goes for dialogue too. I know that some other RPG sites encourage dialogue to be in another color or bolded, but that's not the case here.



As tempting and easy as it is to make suggestions as to words or actions of the person you're RPing with, this should only ever be done with their express permission. Even if you're sure the other person wouldn't mind - ask first or - easier still - avoid doing anything that could be considered as GM'ing. Remember, you only control the actions of YOUR character, not any one elses.


Psychic Abilities

Unless your character has been told something, they don't know it. That's how simple it is. Even if it's there in the above post, unless it's been written to imply that it's obvious for all to see, it's not IC (in character) knowledge.


Closed Threads

This one works both ways. Firstly - if you see a closed thread (denoted by the description beneath the title) no matter how interesting the folk in it are, it's closed. Feel free to watch it all you like (although bear in mind - all knowledge you reap that way must remain OOC (out of character), see the above note.)

The reverse of this rule - if you want to RP with one or few specific people, then when making your thread, make sure to mark in the Topic Description either that it's closed, or that it's for a certain person only.


And a last piece of advice - realism.

Be true to your character, but remember - your character is an eleven year old. They will get a chance to grow and develop. In short - don't try to do everything in the first year. Making your character extremely exotic just makes you look like an amateur writer.



Revision History

12MAY29 -- updated 'Emoticon' section; clarifying where these can, and cannot, be used.

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