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*Supreme Mugwump

5 - Staff Contact List

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*Supreme Mugwump
Current Staff Contact List


Following is a listing of the current staff of PottersWorld. Please feel free to contact them via the PM system if you have any questions.

NOTE: If you are going to email us about registration problems, PLEASE tell us what your account name is, and what the exact problem is. It is truly amazing how many emails we get that say "I'm having a problem with your site" and give us no more information. We cannot help you if you don't at least tell us what the account/character name is!

Governor Mac - root admin, head of St. Mungo's
email contact: governormac@outlook.com
Governor Daisy - root admin, head of the Main Plot & AW Duties (Cornswin and retirees)
email contact: governordaisy@gmail.com

Coding issues should be sent to a Root Administrator

Governor Fang - admin, head of Quidditch (Hogwarts)

Governor Spot - admin, head of the Ministry of Magic


Governor Radish - head of the Order of the Phoenix
Governor River - head of Shops
Governor Scout - head of the Death Eaters

Magistrate Nessie - assistant head of Quidditch (AW) 
Magistrate Petal - head of Hogwarts (Clubs and Stockies)
Magistrate Scottie - head of Student Duties (Quests & Prefects)

OFFICIAL news and updates on board closures
PottersworldRPG - Official Twitter site

Edit History:
-- 3APR2019: amendment of staffing list and contacts

-- 4OCT2018: addition of new staff
-- 28AUG2018; addition of new staff
-- 06MAY2018; amendment of staff list and contacts
-- 01JAN2018; Amendment of staffing list and contacts
-- 16APR2017; Ammendment of staffing list and contacts
--08DEC2016; Amendment of staffing list and contacts
--29APR2016; Amendment of staffing list and contacts
--07AUG2015; New Staff recruited
--02AUG2015; Amendment of staffing list and contacts


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