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Governor Mac

Spring Cleaning (Winter Cleaning? Summer? Who knows...)

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Governor Mac

Welcome back one and all to 122! :biggrin: And yes, it is 122 even though the header still says 120. We may be staying like that for a while so refer here for new scrolling banner announcements.


As some of you may have seen, there has been a few changes that have been happening over shutdown. Please read all of these, as some may apply to you.

  • There has been a change in quest badges to accommodate the new Blitz badges! Adults may also have noticed that their own 7 quest badges are currently missing - never fear, refer here to find out why and retrieve them!
  • Adults have a new Work Area Competition this term!
  • There is a new review vote for term length that can be found here. Everyone is welcome to vote and share their thoughts on the six week trial.
  • The spell list is still under construction - we'll let you know when there are some new spells to use!
  • There has been an update to the guidelines surrounding werewolves to clear up some of the confusion. Regulations would have been restored to pre-Cadena status - this is not a new rule. Information on werewolves and where they transform can be found here.
  • Edits have been made to the 'spousal/boyfriend/girlfriend abuse' section of the Forbidden Material list to include overarching domestic violence rules. Please read these rules and make sure you are familiar with them - ignorance is not an excuse to get away with hurting a partner (male OR female). These rules can be found in the ToS.
  • Edits have also been made to generation rules to remove the impact of cousins on gen lines. BUT, in doing so, we are trusting that things won't get out of hand. If we notice that people are no longer being sensible about how many children they are having and when they are brought on board, these restrictions or others may be reintroduced in the future. However we are hopeful that that will not be necessary! Have a read of the updated rules here, and below is an example of how the new rules work.


    --Mac and Daisy are siblings. Mac has two children. Mac's children graduate Hogwarts. Daisy decides to birth children after her nephews have graduated. This is okay to do! (all of the children would be first cousins)


    --Mac's children have children. Mac is now a grandma. Mac's grandchildren enroll in Hogwarts at the same time Daisy's children do. This is okay to do! (all of the children involved would be first cousins once removed)


    --Fang and River are siblings. River is in Hogwarts. Fang's children need to wait for River to graduate before enrolling in Hogwarts. However, it's okay for Fang to birth children while River is at Hogwarts. (there would be an aunt-niece relationship here)


    --Spot and Fang get married. Spot has no children, but Fang has five from past relationships. Spot and Fang cannot birth more children without a PC.


    --Spot and Fang get a divorce. Spot cannot have children, because she was a stepmother to Fang's children. The duration of their marriage is irrelevant.

And that's that! For now. Keep an eye around the board to see what else some of the staffers have up their sleeves! :wizard:

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