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Governor Mac

Term Length Change

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Governor Mac

Hello everyone! :)


A few terms ago there was a vote to bring up the idea of changing how long the length of term was, a vote that concluded that we should give six weeks a trial before a second vote last term to determine whether the majority of people preferred it or not. The result was that six weeks will become the permanent length of term from here on out. There were also a lot of helpful suggestions that were brought up in both discussions, and I thank you all for your maturity in handling those particular discussions considering there were strong arguments on both sides. The staff will be working through those suggestions over the next few terms to bring into effect some of these ideas to continue to improve the experience of members on board and help with the transition to longer terms. After all, we would have no PottersWorld if we didn't have the members and your input is always very important to us.


As always if you have any thoughts, queries, or suggestions, the staff are happy to hear from you so shoot any of us a PM. :wizard: Have a happy registration weekend!


P.S. We haven't forgotten the spell list update, promise! That will be coming later on in the term.

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