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2 - Your Hogwarts Letter (and how you got it)

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Elodie Argent

Elodie shared her birthday with her youngest sister, a fact that was so offensive to her that she’d dealt with it by pointedly refusing to acknowledge said sister existed most of the time. She especially refused to acknowledge that she existed on the day of said birthday. It was easy enough to manage now, whilst Elodie was turning eleven and sister number two (she had a name, but Elodie didn’t care much about that) was still practically a toddler. It wasn’t as though she even really knew that it was her birthday. Besides, they were all adopted: Elodie really couldn’t see why they wouldn’t just change her birthday. It wasn’t as though she would ever know.


She’d eaten breakfast and escaped to the garden to laze around in the sun rather than help out with any of the party preparations. Elodie didn’t particularly like or dislike any of her school mates, so she was pretty ambivalent about them coming around. She did, however, like parties, mostly because there was cake and presents and importantly, attention. Elodie always felt like she should be the centre of attention; her birthday was one of the few times anyone agreed with her.


The dark-haired girl was busy lazing under the shade of their old willow tree when she heard approaching footsteps. Too quiet to be one of her brothers and too uncertain to be either of her parents. Since her youngest sister wasn’t generally allowed to wander around alone, that only really left one contender. Elodie raised her hand against the sun as a head poked through the tree branches. “Go away, Miette.”


Miette gave her a half-scowl, but it wasn’t committed. Her given name (and the one that everyone else used) was Marguerite, but for years Elodie had relentlessly called her Miette, a nickname that meant ‘crumb’. Their mother thought it was affectionate, and had never really realised how wrong she was. Elodie didn’t mean much nicely, in truth. However, between being called Crumb and being referred to by number; Miette had clearly decided she was getting the better end of the bargain. “Mama is looking for you.”


“I’m busy.” Elodie stretched, digging her fingers into the grass below her. She was comfortable and cool and she didn’t want to go back into the kitchen. When she looked up again, however, Miette was still watching her, a strange expression on her usually solemn little face. Elodie scowled at her. “What is it?” Miette, she realised, had a letter between her fingers; clutched at her side as though she didn’t quite know what to do with it. “Is that for me? Give it.” She reached out and snatched it from her sister’s hand, still somewhat disconcerted by the lack of reaction.


She’d been expecting a birthday card, but it was a heavy parchment letter, unlike anything she’d seen before. Elodie took in the heavy red seal before she flipped it over. There, written in neat ink on the front, was her name: Miss Elodie Argent.

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Luca Valentino

Up in the huge, dusty attics of the old house was where Luca had created his den. It had been the place over the years where he went when he fancied some time off from the rest of them. A place to avoid his siblings when they were being annoying a place to store the best treats from the kitchens before his brother found them, and a place to hide from the private tutors that Papa had used to hire for him, when they could still afford them that was. 


There was a gap in the rafters where a roof slate was missing outside, and if Luca got on his stomach and wriggled to the edge of the attic floor it offered a secret hideyhole where he was able to spy out on the grounds of the vast estate on which he had been raised. It had been rather lonely the past few years, due to the fact that there was such an age gap between him and his brothers and sisters, and when they lost their fortune and the estate started to show signs of crumbling, his parents had stopped hosting parties and having their well-to-do friends and their children round, wanting to hide the family’s shame. Luca felt like he had been waiting his whole life for this summer, and even more so, for this September. For this was the year when finally, finally he would be old enough to attend Hogwarts, to get his own wand, and to go out and see something of the world. And astound everyone with his brilliance, of course. 


He was gazing listlessly out over the horizon, when a flicker of movement caught his eye and made him focus. An owl! Heart suddenly starting to race, Luca wriggled backward out from the space, covering his clothes in dust and not caring as he hurried for the ladder back downstairs. By the time he had made his way through the old, echoey mansion down to his father’s study, both of his parents were there waiting for him. His father was sat behind the old, ornate desk, eyes gleaming, while his mother reached for him when he arrived, drawing him in to place a kiss on his forehead, which he allowed given the circumstances. His mother was a lot more outwardly demonstrative with her children that the mothers in most of the pureblood families he’d mixed with during childhood, her Italian spirit scorned the British stiff upper lip that was the norm in those circles. 


“It’s here?!” Luca bounded forward, reaching for the paper in his father’s hands, and his father allowed the insolence, being that it was a special day. 


“You’re going to school, son,” his father smiled, resting his chin on entwined fingers as he surveyed the boy in front of him. “And you will make us proud.” That, Luca knew, was his duty.


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Mia Grace

Mia gazed out of the window as she bid goodbye, yet again, to the shop storefront. Whilst she looked forward to going back to Sweethomelane it always pulled at her heart strings to know it would be a while before she returned to the shop storefront – it was a hidden treasure. Her afternoon would be packed enough though; bidding goodbye was only a short rest bite as a Museum tour was booked for her and Arthur and then no doubt she’d spend the rest of the afternoon with her mother.


The Museum tour had been great though she liked history and Art could be tolerated. Whilst on the Museum tour she came across a lot more interesting things that weren’t usually seen. Mia was ready afterwards to spend what was left of the afternoon with her Mum, her excitement peeked.


However, she barley set foot inside Sweethome Lane, wasn’t even fast enough to get her foot out of the back door and set off on their afternoon stroll before she was approached by a letter, a letter and an envelope. Their afternoon stroll was all but forgotten as she clumsily but eagerly opened the letter, thoughts solely on it, eyes solely on her.  “So how much is Hogwarts like the Museums then Dad?” she beamed as both parents hugged her the before enough a statement to realize what she held within her hand.

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Harry Robinson

Harry woke early that morning. Although the excitement was bubbling up within him, he kept his eyes shut tight. To him, it was one of the most important days of his life. It felt surreal; a dream that he was going to wake up from at any moment to find he had a tutor waiting downstairs for him, ready to impart tedious knowledge upon him. Christophe would go to Hogwarts, and he would be stuck at home, watching his best friend have all the fun. He desperately tried to shut out that thought as well as the infuriating tapping noise on his window. He wanted today to go well. He wanted - Why is there a tapping noise? He wondered to himself and opened one eye slowly. 


The first thing that hit him was the sunlight shining through his bedroom window, and the eleven-year-old closed his eye immediately, wincing at the harsh reality of the morning. However, his eyes shot open as his brain caught up to the sight that was waiting for him. An owl was rapping on his window; an envelope clasped tightly in its beak. 


Scrambling quickly to his knees, Harry wrenched open the window, gazing with glee as the owl swooped in and circled the room, looking, no doubt, for a place to land. After a few moments, it settled on the back of his chair and hooted impatiently at him. For a moment, the boy was struck dumb by the scene. He had been waiting for it for so long that as he watched it all unfold, it again did not seem real. Leaning back against the pillow, he watched the bird who watched him before finally, the owl gave up. It took one last look at the eleven-year-old and took off out of the window, dropping the envelope in his lap. His name sat on the parchment in emerald green ink, and Harry was sure he had never had a better morning in his life. 



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Merick Rosier

There was a strange sound coming from down the hallway, but Merry was used to strange whirring noises and techno garble. His dad was always testing out new equipment in their house or entertaining strange, slightly left-of-centre artists and their experimental music styles. He had learnt to tune things out and barely even noticed a lot of it these days, but this instance was particularly annoying. He wished that he could control his bloody magic already. Instances of accidental magic weren't super convenient, but if only he could channel it enough to shut this noise up.


Another noise joined the cacophony, this time his bedroom window flying open with a gust of wind and a bang. His gaze shot up and he spotted an owl sitting there, perched on the sill. "Oh hello," Merry said, grinning. "That wouldn't happen to be my Hogwarts letter, would it? Impeccable timing." If only the letter came with a wand and instructional manual (IKEA style, with pictures and minimal writing) he'd be all set. But as it turned out, he'd need to wait until he actually got to school before he learnt, and for now, he was stuck with the occasional accidental display of magic that was honestly pretty useless. 

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Beryl Whiteley

Beryl looked up from her sugared French toast, glasses perched delicately on the end of her nose as charcoal eyes flicked towards the sound that had disturbed her breakfast. If she was not mistaken, and she certainly doubted she was, there seemed to be an owl attempting some form of communication with one of the house elves.


It was odd that an owl would so brazenly ignore the usual protocols of the Whiteley household, bypassing the delightful post wing with all its offerings to personally disturbed a recipient. This behaviour alone brought the eleven year old to her feet, quickly dismissing the little elf that had been trying to give directions and opening the large window with a long stretch for the latch.


Pushing it open with the very tips of her fingers, Beryl allowed the bird in, noting immediately the seal attached to the letter tied around its leg - hard not to do when standing at a grand height of around windowsill level, perhaps slightly less. It would appear, she thought while freeing the letter, that she was going to be attending Hogwarts in the autumn.

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Dahlia Marcoux


On the morning of May 28th, Dahlia Marcoux sat quietly, tugging a lock of hair and squirming anxiously. The almost eleven year old was surrounded by her two cousins and her Aunt and Uncle at the table. While everyone else was digging into pancakes and bacon she was impatiently waiting for the clock to strike 8:06. Even though it was her birthday today and she’d woken up to mounds of gifts at the foot of her bed (all of which she’d open and played with by the time it was half past six) from the housekeepers it wasn’t really her birthday. Not yet. If it had been, an Owl would have already swept in and delivered her letter. 


Peeking at the clock again the face read off 8:03 she grunted while drumming her fingers on the table top. Why did she have to wait until the exact time she popped into the world? That’s not how birthdays worked. It was normally always a full day event, why did magical people have to be so precise? 


Her stomach was clearly not on her side as it gave a loud rumble in protest. Maximillian snickered beside her and Dahlia gave him a proper glare. Didn’t the little boy understand this was serious business? Oh well, it was no use wasting away while she waited for that stupid owl to appear. Might as well gather the strength to sustain a full day of gloating. Reaching for a piece of bacon she nibbled slowly as she thought about what house she wanted to be sorted into. Her family had historically been Ravenclaws so she guessed that’s where she’d end up. Although she kinda like Gryffindor too. She smirked to herself. Her Aunt would have a fit if that happened. 


Mulling over all the fun she was going to have she didn’t register the screech as a brown owl announced its arrival. So lost in her thoughts was she that it took the messenger owl pecking her forearm for her to snap out of her mind. “Ow!” she shrieked, snatching her left arm off the table to rub the tender spot. “Bug off won’t you!” Her brain finally caught on to what was really happening and what the owl in front of her meant. 


Standing, she inhaled to fast in her excitement, and the piece of bacon she’d been chewing lodged itself in her throat. Doubling over, she coughed as hard as her lungs allowed but couldn’t dislodge it. Her Uncle Lorcan looked up in time to see his struggling niece and huffed in annoyance. “Merlin help me.” he muttered as he silently flicked his wand in Dahlia’s direction. “Can you attempt to act civilized?” The bacon flew from her mouth and soared across the kitchen landing on Great Aunt Maria’s portrait. Her departed Aunt gasped in disgust and glared at Dahlia, getting up from her seat and walking out of the frame to wherever they go. 

Undeterred from her near death experience and ignoring Uncle’s snide remark, Dally snatched the parchment paper from the leg of the tiny bird and thrust it in the air triumphantly.

“Hogwarts time!”

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Noah Haverly

"Noey, make me one next!" 


"You already have one Leda! It's my turn."


Noah Jericho glanced up from the small piece of fabric he had just finished crocheting. It was not anything more than a purple, tiny square, no larger than his palm, with a bold E on the centre. "I know my skills are in high demand, ladies, but let's not fight. There's plenty of yarn to go around." The eleven year old grinned towards his sisters, to which one scoffed playfully and the other laughed in return. It was an unprecedented skill he did not expect to have, though it did come in handy sometimes, and, he would admit, it could be fun. It all started three years ago, when nine year old Noah's favorite plant died, and he grew so red in the face that he had accidentally turned the scarf his mom was crocheting at the time purple from blue. It was a good day to remember for the family; not only because it was his first signs of being magical but also because since then, it became a running joke.


It was not long after this when the youngest Haverly came bursting in -- Europa, holding a slightly crumpled letter in her grasp. "It's a letter for you, Noah! Mum wanted you to come downstairs but I couldn't wait." Scuffling sounded across the floorboards as the remaining three Haverlys scrambled to their feet and rushed over to Europa.


"Don't tell me...." Noah's face brightened with hope as his gaze fell towards the red stamp and familiar writing across the envelope. "It's here! It's arrived!" Pumping his fist into the air, the golden-curled boy rejoiced. "I'm accepted into Hogwarts!"

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Louis Lim

Today was the day. 


Today was the day. 


Arden had gotten his Hogwarts letter on his eleventh birthday. And Gwen had gotten hers on her eleventh birthday. Therefore, it only made sense to Louis that he was going to get his on his eleventh birthday as well. Which happened to be today, a date he had been counting down to for years (ever since Arden had gotten his letter, in fact.) But now that day was here and the youngest Lim was not going to be disappointed. 


“If my letter doesn’t come today, I’m going to go and beat up those stupid faeries,” he had stated with a nod of his head, ignoring the horrified look from Gwen as he marched towards the back door with some purpose. If he was going to beat up some faeries for forgetting to give him magic, then he had to go and find them, first. “I’m going to go find one and make it give me some magic.” It was a simple enough plan and Lou liked to think that he was incredibly good at finding things. Though, he did have to admit that he had never actually found a faerie before, but they had to be around. Today was his big day. 


The outside world greeted him as he marched out the back door and into the garden, instead heading towards the shrubs at the end of the garden. That seemed like the perfect place for faeries to hide and he was going to find one and demand it give him so magic before the day was over. Because he was determined to go to Hogwarts and learn magic and not be left at home by himself and Jayden for another whole year. He simply refused. 


“Helloooooo,” he almost sang the words as he approached the bush sat at the end of the garden, getting to his hands and knees to try and look under all the branches, “Excuse me, faeries? In case you have forgotten, today is my birthday and I’m supposed to get my magic today.” There was no response from the bush and Lou scowled. “Hey, faeries! I’m talking to you. I’m supposed to get my magic from you today. I want to go to Hogwarts already.” 


Still nothing. Lou pouted, sticking his bottom lip out as he sat back on his heels and practically scowled at the shrub. Why weren’t these stupid faeries listening to him? He almost felt like crying, sniffling to try and hold back the tears as he rubbed his eyes. Big boys didn’t cry and he wasn’t going to cry. 


“Louis! Something just arrived for you!” 


The sound of his brother shouting from the house caught his attention, Lou turning his head to find Jayden standing there, a letter held up in his hand. Instantly, Louis brightened up, grinning as he bounced up to his feet and started to race back towards the house. His Hogwarts letter, he knew it. The boy practically snatched it out of his brother’s hand, a wide grin on his face as he looked at the curvy writing on the front of the envelope addressed to him. 


Clutching the letter very tightly in his hand, Lou started to head back inside, because he had to show off to his siblings now, but then he remembered, turning back towards the garden. “Thank you, faeries!” He shouted across the yard, waving at the bush with a free hand. He knew they wouldn’t forget. 

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Flynn Forester

Flynn always believed he would be getting a letter for wizards school.  His cousins (second cousins) had received them to attend Durmstrang, because they lived closer to that school.  Flynn, though, lived in England so when the large brown owl swooped into the Forester family's garden, Flynn hopped off the broom he'd been riding to circle the garden.  He ran with hands reaching out.  


Running toward a swooping owl isn't basic recommended animal handling.  But letter carrying owls are used to such behavior and this one dropped the envelope with perfect timing so the letter fell to the overzealous fingers and the bird soared into the blue sky.  Flynn didn't care about the owl.  He'd seen them about a gazillion times in his life.  The letter with the red wax seal and his name written in black ink was brand new.  Holding it in his hands was so perfectly exciting that he let out a 'woop' of joy before running into the house to find his parents.  This was going to be the best year of his life.

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Daisy DeVilliers

Watching her mother and father carefully, Daisy discreetly lifted her fork and used it to scrape one, two, three mushrooms off of her breakfast plate and into the napkin on her lap. If there were any benefits to just three people sitting at such a large table, it was this. Vegetables were perhaps her worst enemy, and through this method she'd probably cut her fibre intake in half over the past year. 


"Daisy." Her father's voice, sharp and demanding, caught her off guard and she flinched a little. She rearranged the napkin on her lap so that the mushrooms became hidden among the folds of fabric. 


"Yes?" An innocent and unassuming look was plastered upon her face. She hadn't been busted, right? Unless he had eyes in the back of his head, there was no way he could have seen that. 


After a moment of scrutiny, he held up a small letter with a red wax seal. "A letter for you."


The young girl's heart leapt. Losing all decorum for a moment she stood up from her seat, the legs scraping loudly against the hardwood floor. Her mother passed Daisy a look of irritation. She didn't like loud noises (or quiet ones, for that matter) in the morning. "Is that...?" She hurriedly made her way over to her father, pulling the letter from his grasp. Tearing the envelope open, Daisy's eyes lit up as they scanned the words written on the page. "I'm going to Hogwarts." Not one to usually let her emotions show on the outside, the smile that played on her lips was one that just couldn't be contained. 


"I still think Beauxbatons would have been a better move," her father mused. "It's about time we went back to Paris. Alexandre wrote to me recently, I--"


"We live in London," her mother interjected. "We've gained status here, built a name for ourselves."


"We already have a name for ourselves in Paris!"


"We're a disgrace in Paris!"


As her parents continued to argue, their raised voices filling the silence of the dining room, Daisy retreated quietly into the background. When they got like this there was no other option but to leave them be. Daisy was just a girl. She had opinions - when you listened to the same arguments over and over again for your whole life, you became pretty educated on the subject matter - but of course they didn't much matter to her parents. If they didn't respect her opinions about vegetables, then they certainly wouldn't listen to her when it came to Paris. 


Letter still clutched in her hand, the girl retreated from the room. "Willow," she said as she headed towards the stairs, and the house elf materialised beside her, "we need to take a trip to Diagon Alley." They had shopping to do. 

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Jason Yang

The first thing he noticed when he woke up was the smell, sweet maple, fresh pastries and the bitter ting of green tea. Jason turned slightly in his bed, a smile stretching on his face as he looked at the tray on his bedside table, breakfast and a small note waiting for him there. ‘Happy birthday, my son’ written in his mother cursive, everything was exactly the same as it was every year on his birthday, the only day in which he would be allowed to sleep in and have his breakfast in bed. 


“Hanby,” he called, straightening up in his bed and pulling his tray onto his lap, barely acknowledging the familiar pop signaling the arrival of the house elf. “Has mother left for her meetings yet?” he asked, gently placing his birthday card to the side before picking up his cup of tea. 


”Mistress left, yes. Mistress says Hanby gives young master all he wishes,” the elf answered, standing by Jason’s bed waiting for an order. For a while, neither of them spoke but Hanby’s eyes never left Jason as he half ate-half picked at his breakfast, a few times the wizard thought the elf wanted to say something, but he didn’t.


Jason moved a hand through his ruffled hair when he finished eating, just resisting the urge to bite his lower lip. “Has father gave any information on when he’ll be back from London?” he asked, his tone hopeful but Hanby only shook his head, looking down when Jason sighed in disappointment. “It’s alright, father is always busy,” the boy said, letting the elf pick the tray before he got out of his bed. Jason wasn’t quite sure if he was trying to encourage himself or the elf, he knew his parents loved him -- they made sure to say so at least every other day -- but he could not help but wish that they had more time. “Are there any letters for me? Perhaps from Nina or Daniel?”


Hanby’s large eyes widen, as if the elf had just remembered something important that he should not have forgotten. Jason never got the chance to ask as he disappeared with a loud pop, leaving the youngest Yang child quite confused. He was just making his way towards the door, vaguely aware that he wasn’t supposed to leave his room in his pyjamas when another loud pop signalled Hanby’s return. ”Important letter for young master arrives. Happy eleven day of birth, young master.” 


It took him a moment to realize what Hanby was talking about, but he rushed towards the elf once he did, snatching the letter out of his hands. Jason recognized the symbol on the seal -- Hogwarts. He hadn’t even thought about getting his letter from the school today, his mother always frowned upon any excitement shown for things like that. But his mother wasn’t here right now and Hanby would never tell her if Jason misbehaved just a little bit. 


“Thank you, Hanby,” the boy said, hugging the letter to his chest and smiling, wider than he had in quite some time. He wasn’t an unhappy kid, but Jason knew there was more out there that he hadn’t seen yet and Hogwarts was his chance for everything.

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Raphael Coulter

It was a day like any other, really.  Swelteringly hot, the sun scorching the patch of grass that passed as a garden for the—aptly named, today—Sunny Days Child Support Centre (bit of a mouthful—Raphael mostly just called it ‘home’) but pretty much average.  It was so hot Raphael had retreated into the garden to sit in the shade of one of the trees, a book with him that he’d elected to ignore in favour of watching the other children.


He knew pretty much all of their names, having lived with most of them for at least a few months now and others for several years, though he wasn’t exactly close with any of them.  They had asked him that morning if he wanted to kick a football around with them but he hadn’t felt like joining in. It was hot enough as it was without running around. Besides, he’d have to return his book to the library in a few days and he hadn’t finished it yet.


It wasn’t very interesting, unfortunately, but Raphael didn’t like to leave them unfinished.  


With a small sigh, he flipped the cover back open and flicked through to find the page he’d left off on, only to find himself distracted again by the back door of the building opening, Mrs Peters stepping outside.


Raphael?” she called out, looking toward the other children’s game of football to try and spot him.  “Raph?”  


Raphael got up from under his tree and waved at her, making his way over.  “I’m here!”


Oh, there you are!” she said, spotting him and ushering him over.  “Come on in here for a minute, please—there’s a man here to speak to you about school in September.  It looks like you’ve got a scholarship somewhere!”


Raphael frowned.  “But I haven’t applied for a scholarship,” he said, confused but following her all the same.


Maybe the school did it for you, or your poor mum, maybe, before…” Mrs Peters trailed off.  “Either way, come on in now, and see what he has to say.”  


Raphael did, because he was curious, but no amount of curiosity could prepare him for what he was about to hear.


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Grayson Bratt

Grayson bit his tongue and reached out his hand slowly towards the tree


1 mississippi...


2 mississippi....


"Dang it!" He cursed as he glared at the stupid bug that flew away. He had tried to be so quiet as he tried to catch the bug. It was such a rare bug too. Rare because he had never seen it before. It looked like a grasshopper, but had purple specks on it's body. It was so fascinating! Sighing heavily he ran his hand through his hair angrily before walking back towards his house. He had literally chased the bug out of his house and down their neighborhood. He wished he could have caught it and shown it to his uncle. Though his uncle hated that Gray brought all kinds of weird bugs into their house. He had never stopped Gray.


He dragged his feet back towards the house slowly as he realized it was way too early. Way too early for him atleast. His annoying neighbor's dogs weren't even awake. Also he had never woken up this early. If not for the stupid bug buzzing in his ears he would have peacefully slept for another three hours, and his uncle would have woken him up for breakfast. Thinking about food made his stomach growl loudly as he reached the front door. He was so busy yawning yet again that he walked straight towards his fridge not even glancing at the new guest that was waiting for him on the dining table. Grabbing the carton of milk, he was just about to take a sip when he heard it.


Hoot. Hoot.


If Grayson hadn't seen or heard random owls around his house, this little white creature would have scared the lights out of him. Though Gray had seen owls flying around his house before, they had never been inside his house. Not on his dining table atleast. Not on his chair... looking straight at him. Grayson blinked twice to make sure he wasn't dreaming and walked towards the creature to get a better look at what was tied on it's leg. Of course he noticed that. His name was on it. A letter perhaps? Or wait a minute... it was his eleventh birthday today! Was this a gift from his uncle? A pet owl maybe? He always wanted a bird as pet!


"What the h-..." He started when a throat clearing behind him stopped him from cursing. He turned around to see his uncle walking down the stairs sleepily. "Language..." Ryan grumbled as he glared at Gray before his eyes landed on the bird too. Under any other circumstance Gray would have laughed at the comical look on his uncle's face, who first looked at the bird and then at Grayson. At the bird and then at Grayson. At the bird and then again at Grayson... This continued for a while which confused him. Why would his uncle look so shocked? But acting like having an owl in their dining room was normal? Unable to handle the long silence Gray pointed towards the letter as he stared at his uncle.


"That has my name on it," He said in an almost accusing way as he watched his uncle walk towards the bird and took the letter that was tied to it's leg. As if on cue the bird took off as Gray watched his uncle read the letter with a heavy sigh. "Well it wasn't like I wasn't expecting this..." Ryan mumbled as he finally looked at Grayson, who had never been more confused in his life. What was happening?


"Expecting what? What is that paper? What is that owl doing here?" He demanded as his uncle sat on one of the chairs heavily. He held out the letter that Grayson took hesitantly.


"Happy Birthday Gray..." Ryan mumbled and rubbed his face as Grayson quickly read the letter. What was this gibberish?


"Uncle Ryan is this a joke? What is this? What is Hogwarts? What is Wizuurd?" He slurred the last word because he couldn't believe it. He couldn't talk. He was going blank. It must be a prank. His uncle definitely pulled lot of pranks on him, but the look on his uncle's face was enough to make him understand the situation.


This was definitely not going to be a simple eleventh birthday....

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Manon Havilland

The July sun shone brightly through the window into Manon’s bedroom, casting the carpet where she sat cross-legged in faint golden light. She was doing her meditation the same way she did every morning as a way to wake herself up and set her intentions for the day. Her mums told her it was a good way to set her intentions for the day and clear her mind. Manon wasn’t sure about that, but she did know that starting off the day sitting quietly by herself helped her avoid conversation before breakfast, which was good enough for her. She was not a morning person. 


Except when breakfast was involved. A sweet smell, something like pancakes but fresher, wafted up the stairs to her bedroom and Manon clambered to her feet to go investigate the source. She found her mum in the kitchen with a spatula in hand and an apron tied around her waist. “Are these for me,” she asked by way of greeting, grinning as she gave the older woman a quick hug. “They’re the banana ones, right?” The question was more of a statement. Manon had been asking to try out a new vegan recipe for banana bread pancakes for weeks, and it was her birthday. Of course that’s what they were having. 


She was just about to stick a finger in the batter to give it a taste when she heard a shuffling at the door. Manon, suddenly on high alert, turned. She knew, after all, that the post would come with a very special addition that morning. Or it should, as it was her eleventh birthday. Her ma came walking into the room then with a stack of envelopes in hand. “Expecting something?” Eloise’s brow was raised and a small smirk pulled at her lips as she laid the mail on the table. “Go ahead, have a look.” 


Heart pounding in her ears, Manon crossed to the table in socked feet and began slowly sorting through the stack. She’d almost given up hope when she spotted the very last envelope, crisp and heavy, at the bottom of the pile. She turned it over in her hand and stared at the front where her name was scrawled in green ink: 


Miss Manon Havilland
The Smallest Bedroom 
Havilland Cottage, Paris 


Her fingers shook as she peeled open the seal and she broke into a full grin as she read the letter itself, eyes moving quickly back and forth over the text. “Guys!” The eleven-year-old held the envelope up like it was a prize, thankful, even if Hogwarts wasn’t exactly the same as Beauxbatons. “I got in!” 




Staff note: There is no need to re-post, but please note that students must be residing in the UK to attend Hogwarts.


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Maleficent Dugray

As she walked the length of Salazar's Peak, there was no one to please with manners, no one to impress with poise and elegance. She even suspected her Pere* was still miles away doing whatever it was that he did for work. In the distance, she could see the shingles from the tower of the place where she lived now looming with prestige over the skyline of courtyards, statues, and luxury. That didn't keep her slow steps from Fanning out, making strange L shapes as she walked, a little bit of her age seeping through.


The closer she got, the more pronounced the tower was, and the more the place where she lived came into view, the less she thought it looked like home. Four children cooped up in an apartment in Paris with parents and a view of the Eiffel tower was what she had come to believe was her home. Now they were all scattered and their home abandoned... She didn't even know where her other siblings were, to be honest. It had been two years and still her dreams  seemed  to take her back and let her smile at the memories, pretend new ones were on the horizon. In the end, that home was behind her, as were her family and everyone else.


All that she had now was England, and Salazar's Peak. How could home anything come close to that? The man she lived with, though she had called him Pere* as he had asked, hardly seemed like a father at all. The distance between them might as well be the same distance that separated her and those she had been raised to call family. Letting out a sigh, the eleven year old straightened her back and squared her shoulders, staying light on her feet as she stepped into the role she had now adopted for herself.


Most mornings that she had walked through the front garden, she had felt less lonely, but this time it was something different. She watched as an owl appeared to fly from the tower's window, her brow crinkling as her eyes bore into it. It must've simply hit the side. Owls weren't native to old stone houses, just like she wasn't native to England. Stepping through the front door, she let out a gasp as she hit something solid. Looking up,  she bowed. "I em sorry, Pere. I did not mean to knock into you in such a way."


"It's alright," he said, his voice deep and his fingers moving over one another as if trying to wipe a sticky substance from their surfaces. "There's something I need to talk to you about." Paul DuGray was nothing but a careful man in her eyes; careful not to tip the balances and very careful of saying anything to upset anyone.  "Take a seat."


"But I 'ave English lessons end my 'istory tutor is coming over for a review for tonight," she replied, taking off her coat and opening the cupboard by the stairs to hang it. This had been her schedule now for the past two years. Why she was never allowed to go to school with everybody else was another mystery, but Paul, her father, was always keeping secrets.


"I've already spoken to your tutors. They have agreed to come back tomorrow and resume lessons as well as your review." At this a frown settled on her lips, her thoughts flowing rapidly in and out as she stayed standing. "Please, Maleficent," he asked, something quiet seeping in that she had never heard before as he gestured to a chaise in the sitting room. She sat down slowly, crossing one leg over the other as he took something from his pocket and handed it to her. "I... have a secret..." he began, and again the world shifted as she looked down at the old looking piece of paper.




Dear Ms. DuGray,


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.



OOC: *Pere - father in French.


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Stazia Ceesay




Stazia's astute ears picked up the movements of her father leaving the house, leaving her life. To think that she wouldn't see him for another year. To think that he would miss all the emotional moments important in a child's life. She would have to undertake those alone. Well. Not entirely alone. She still had her sister, Katya. Not that she had any time for Stazia. Not that she cared. Her father had to go and collect a supposedly important book from Scotland. So sure. He had a fairly valid excuse to leave, but who was he kidding really? A book doesn't take TWO WEEKS to collect- even travelling without magic. Something's going on...


Deciding she wouldn't be able to sleep now, Stazia sat up and, feeling slightly queasy, slipped out of bed. The cool morning air floating in through the always open window kissed her skin and she drifted over to the window. It wasn't quite light yet. The sun was hinting at making an appearance at the edge of the wide twilight. Stazia's mother used to say "the sun is shy. It wants to be seen but feels nervous around the moon. Doesn't know how to act. It'll come up bright every day for you, love," Time to move. drawing away from the window, Stazia slumped against the wall. Why today? Why now?  It can't be because... no...

Grappling with her feelings Stazia tried to channel the thoughts into words. 


Was she... worried? Her mother's disappearance and the abrupt leave of her father couldn't be connected... could they...?


By 5:00, Stazia was in the kitchen playing with her granola. Katya would be up soon.

Giving up trying to eat Stazia began to move towards the sink. Spotting a scrap of parchment attached to the fridge, she bent to read it.


leaving for ministy early 

back late



Another day of lonely boredom. Could be worse. 

Sinking into a chair, Stazia was on the point of reading the back of the granola packet when a sharp tap came from the window.

Staz knew that tap. An owl. So.. why wasn't she excited? She just felt hollow. 
Retrieving her Hogwarts letter from the owl was a challenge; her fingers were numb. The parchment envelope slipped and fluttered to the floor. A second later, a tear landed on it.

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Orlo Fraxinus

Sharing a one bedroom flat with your mum just wasn’t cool. There was a curtain dividing the room, but even so. Her mum snored. She always claimed it was just because she had a cold, but one person couldn’t have a cold three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. Orlo scowled up at the cracked ceiling as another snore shuddered through the curtain. In three days, she would be eleven. She had been looking forward to it, until stupid mum had said that they might not have enough floo powder to go to London and see Desi after all. What was the point of being asked what you wanted to do with your miserable, grimy February birthday if you didn’t get to have your choice anyway?


Something outside creaked, probably the drainpipe. One of these days, it was going to fall down and shower the street below with spiders, moss and possibly the odd dead mouse. Orlo didn’t much mind as long as Corin wasn’t trying to scale her way up the pipe when it fell. Another creak and odd whistling sound. Orlo tugged her pile of blankets up over her head and curled up on one side. Corin must be off trying to catch the mouse that was hiding under the kitchen cupboard, the cat definitely wasn’t curled in her usual place by Orlo’s feet. She wriggled her toes and pressed the soles of her feet together. They were chilly.


The creaking, whistling sound had given way to a definite hooting. “Ugh!” Orlo groaned, it couldn’t be 6 am already. But if it was, that meant the paper owl was there and soon her mum would be up, banging about and there would be no chance of sleep. The tapping got louder. Orlo hesitated. If the owl was on her side of the window and she let it in, maybe her mum would stay asleep and she’d have a few hours to entertain herself. She could even nick the last pinch of floo powder and go to see Desi for the whole day.


Orlo sat up, blankets dropping from her shoulders and crept across the room, avoiding the creaking floorboard and the dodgy corner of the rug. A pair of amber eyes peered through the window at her. Reached out and very, very quietly unlatched the window. “Shh. Dun wake my mum.” The owl seemed to have understood, because it fluttered in and perched silently on the window ledge. Rather than a rolled up newspaper, there was a thick envelope. Orlo reached out a hand, holding her breath. In emerald ink, she could just make out her own name. Miss Ophelia Fraxinus. She didn’t even scowl at the use of her full name. It was here! Her letter! In a few months she’d be at Hogwarts, far away from her mum’s snores. Taking the letter and smiling at the owl, she shut the window softly and crept across the room. There was no way she wasn’t telling Desi about this!


Beside the landing fireplace, there was less than a pinch of powder in the bottom of the floo powder jar. Picking up the whole jar, Orlo threw it into the fire and said as quietly as she could “Flat 76 Savage Gardens.” The flames flared green and Orlo stepped into the fire place, letter clutched tight to her chest.

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Georgia Davies

Georgia was just a normal girl and she lived a normal life. She didn’t know anything about
witches and magic other than in books.

One day on her 11th birthday Georgia was just minding her own business. She was sitting and
reading a magazine on her bed.

Suddenly out of nowhere there was an owl in her room and she screamed at first in shock. She
didn’t realise it wasn’t a wild bird until she saw a letter in its beak.

“Is that for me?” She asked the owl. It didn’t speak to her but it dropped the letter for her.
Georgia picked up the letter and read it.

Dear Miss Davies,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft
and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,
Deputy Headmistress

Georgia couldn’t believe her eyes. Could it be true? Was she really a witch? This was the best
birthday present ever.

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Will Parrish

Rain drummed on the roof of the Parrish family's six-floor Chelsea townhome. Will registered it dimly, at the back of his brain, hearing it without really processing it. These were the best kind of summer mornings, meant for dozing and daydreaming and half-living. He wasn't a particularly lazy boy, but there was something about being in bed, listening to the rain, that made him want to stay there for days. Weeks. Maybe even years.


As he lay there, half-awake and groggy, something tickled at the back of his mind. He squeezed his pale eyes even more tightly shut. What was it? Was there something he was forgetting? Oh, he couldn't remember anymore. Will slapped his pillow over his ears, elbow knocking one of the thick books from his mattress to the floor with a soft thud. He'd fallen asleep reading Hogwarts: A History again. Something about remembering the title of the book pricked at his brain, but the reminder fizzled away, like a flash of sparks from the end of a wand. His mum and dad were at the Ministry, and his sister Olivine, though home for a weekend visit, was on a completely different orbit than he was. He could sleep for another hour at least, and then —


Thud. A single knock at the door. "Hey. Will. Get up," his sister's voice said through the door, voice slightly muffled.


"Mmph," he mumbled. Thinking about Olivine had apparently conjured her outside his bedroom.


"You've got a letter."


All at once, remembrance flooded back into Will's brain, and he jerked out of bed so quickly his blankets slid to the floor in a tangled heap. His letter! Hogwarts!


It felt like he leaped to the door in one bound, throwing it open. Olivine, twenty-two and carved from marble, pressed a parchment envelope into her younger brother's hand and walked away without waiting to see what was inside of it. He ripped at the envelope with eager fingers, barely feeling the paper cut he got as he wrestled a smooth sheet from the folds, and — yes. This was it.




Dear Mr. Parrish:


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

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Anastasia Mitchell

Ana pulled all her dresses from her closet. Her dad was taking them to dinner tonight for her birthday so she had to make sure her outfit was extra special. She laid them out side by side on the bed as she smiled happily to herself, wondering what else her dad had planned. Maybe this time her dad will actually let Adrian take her somewhere after dinner like he wanted to last year. It would honestly be the best birthday gift ever. Her dad needed to lighten up. He should know Adrian wouldn't let anything happen to her, and she was old enough not to get into trouble unless necessary of course.


"Do I even want to know what that look on your face is about?" Ana jumped slightly and turned to see her brother leaning on the doorjamb, smirking at her.


"I don't know what look you're talking about," she smiled sweetly at him before looking at the box in his hand. "Is that from you or...nevermind. You couldn't wrap something that neatly if you tried." She stuck her tongue out at him playfully as she moved towards him reaching for it, but he held it up, out of her reach.


"Very funny, sis. Now let's see you try and get it from me," he grinned. Ana pouted and folded her arms not even bothering to try and reach for it. He was taller than her by a whole foot. "You're no fun, you know that? But I bet I can give you something that you'll want more than what's in the box."


Ana eyed him curiously as all traces of her annoyance vanished immediately. "I doubt that. Grandma and grandpa always give amazing gifts," she stated as she watched him reach in his pocket for what looked like an envelope and held it out for her. "Wanna bet?" he replied. She could have sworn she stopped breathing as she saw the red seal on the letter. Ana knew what it was, where it was from and what it would say. After a few moments of her just staring, Adrian chuckled and asked, "Stasi, are you gonna take it?"


"What? Oh! Right, yes," she said as she plucked it from his hand before adding, "I can't believe it actually came. I'm going to Hogwarts!" Her smile was wide as she threw herself on him squealing happily.

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