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Governor Mac

New Members Please Read

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Governor Mac

Thank you for registering! If you're new to PottersWorld, the warmest of welcomes to you! If you're a returning member, welcome back! If you're a handler just going for character three because ickle fever struck and your adults were getting boring... well, fair enough. :P


This announcement is here just as a reminder to check your Roll Call post after you have posted it, and regularly after that until it is approved. You will be able to view your post even while it is hidden and make edits for up to 15 minutes after posting. If there is an issue with your post (whether you have mentioned forbidden topics, your character face isn't available, you didn't make the correct post count, etc), staff will make a note in your hidden post.

Staff:  Like this.

If you see a note in your post, please follow all of the instructions given. Normally you will need to repost your Roll Call, though some comments are merely reminders for you to take into the future. You will be informed in the note what you need to do. 


ONLY WHEN YOUR ROLL CALL POST IS VALIDATED SHOULD YOU POST YOUR LETTER. If you post anywhere else before this post is visible, you will cause your account to become 'stuck' - meaning that your user group will NOT bump up until an administrator manually adjusts it. This is a waste of time for admins, and it will slow down your progress to Hogwarts, so please. Your patience will save everyone a lot of time. 


And on that note, I hope that you enjoy your new character! :wizard: 

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