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Potters World. A Harry Potter RPG
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6 - Site History

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A History of PottersWorld




Welcome to PottersWorld! We are play-by-post role playing site that has been open to members since February 14, 2007. We were originally a sister site of HarryPotterFanFiction.com, owned and created by Jay, our founder. The idea for a role-playing site started as a mini RP event on the HPFF forums, which became popular enough that Jay created a separate site for members to continue role playing. Since then, we have become home to hundreds of characters and their stories and hope to continue to do so as long as writers have a story to tell! 




We owe much gratitude to the past staff of PottersWorld, who have built the foundation for the site we use today. Countless staff have come and gone, and have volunteered many hours of time to the upkeep of our site. No staff members have received any type of payment for their services, which include creative content, coding work, graphic updates, administrative tasks, and more. There are too many past staff members to name (and our intent is not to leave anyone out!), but we do owe credit to several specific former members of staff: 


Jay, who kept us up and running from 2007 - 2018. He paid for our original software, our domain, and our server. He also provided us with tech support when we needed assistance. 


Governor P.Master, who was one of the original root administrators of the site, who helped in the creation of the site, and who led the PW staff from 2007 - 2011. 


Governor Belina, who started on the site as a member when PW first opened, and who was our staff coder for many years. She was a root administrator for several years, and then took over as head of the site from 2011 - 2014. She also led the beginning of PW's End of War plot, which put to rest a conflict that was 100 terms in the making! 


Governor Eye, who became co-head of the site after the departure of Governor Belina. She provided endless creativity to the site and helped complete the End of War plot. She co-lead the site from 2014 - 2017. 


Governor Oz, who became co-head of the site after the departure of Governor Belina. She helped us rebuild a new Main Plot after the completion of the End of War plot and helped to build and develop the Death Eaters currently on board. She co-lead the site from 2014 - 2018. 


There are many more unnamed staff who have made lasting contributions to this website, and we thank them for their time and dedication to making the site what it is today. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are now! 




At the present, PottersWorld is an independent, privately run site under the ownership and care of the current PW root administrators, Governor Mac and Governor Daisy. We are run on a server maintained by ForgottenFace. While we are an independent site, we do maintain friendships with several other Harry Potter and graphics websites. You can find links to those sites at the bottom of the main page.


We believe that the heart of this site, the creativity, the stories, and the endless friendships (both In Character and Out of Character), belong to the members who have helped keep us up and running for nearly 12 years (as of this post!). We owe you all so many thanks, and we hope that you continue to enjoy this site for years to come! 

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