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*Supreme Mugwump

New Site Credits

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*Supreme Mugwump

For our new site, we owe a great deal of credit to the following people for helping us bring the site online. We are lucky to have such a talented member base who can do, so, so, many things! This list will continue to grow as we continue to receive work from members who provide services to the site.  So, please check back often over the next couple of weeks! If you have contributed work to the new site, but are not listed here, (or your contributions are not listed accurately here), please let Governor Daisy know so she can adjust!



Governor Mac

Governor Daisy

Governor Kit

Governor Cress

Governor Spot

Governor Fang

Governor Radish

Governor Scout

Governor River

Magistrate Nessie

Magistrate Petal

Magistrate Scottie



ForgottenFace - help with exporting our database, providing a host server and a new domain name, and finding updated software for us to use



Hermes Blackwood -  default PW skin

Wilder MacKinnon - Winter skin, Purple skin, Halloween skin

Abraham Neil-Malone - favicon, sharer image

Aurora Landvik - toolbar icons for Hogwarts and AW Quidditch; standardized border for forum header images

Jamie Jones - toolbar icons for staff formatting, Maps of: Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, and Magical London

Kinsley Nott - landing page header image

Isabelle Baudelaire - landing page coding edits



Aurora Landvik - The Black Lake, Dumbledore's Tomb, The Revolving Room, Residential London, Community Centre, Queerditch Marsh

Cosette Penvrane - The East Tower and Gryffindor Common Room

David Elderwine - The Fifth Floor, Duelling Arena, Dueling Tournament, Organization Wing, and Transfiguration Classroom

Ella Pemberton - The Dungeons, The Hufflepuff Common Room, The Slytherin Common Room, The Kitchens, The Chamber of Secrets, and the Potions Classroom

Frances Fraser - The Third Floor, Trophy Room, Armour Gallery, The Owlery, The South Tower, The Headmaster's Office, and Hogwarts Castle

Lennon Renault - The Fourth Floor, The Library, The Restricted Section, The Mirror of Erised, The Hospital Wing, Hagrid's Hut, Care of Magical Creatures Classroom, Firecrab Cave, The Bridge, The Quidditch Pitch, The Quidditch Cup Archive, The Changing Rooms, The Grounds, The Forbidden Forest, and The Whomping Willow

Peter Jameson - The Astronomy Tower, The Astronomy Classroom, The Road to Hogsmeade, The Boats, The Carriages, Outside Hogwarts

Samuel Montgomery-Fitzroy - The Clocktower Courtyard, The Second Floor, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, The Empty Corridor, and The Student Commons

Jezebel Lucas - The Sixth Floor, Arithmancy Classroom, Ancient Runes Classroom, Prefect's Study, The Seventh Floor, Unused Classroom 13, Unused Classroom 14, The Room of Requirement



Kinsley Nott Blood status panel graphics


When you see these people around, especially our member volunteers, please give these folks a wave and thank them for helping to make the site as gorgeous as it is is right now! :wub: 


Do you have graphics/coding skills and see a project that still needs to be done? You can message Governor Daisy so she can keep you in mind for upcoming projects! 

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