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Governor Mac

Server Change

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Governor Mac

Hi all! If you can see this announcement, great! You made it back. Over the last two days PW has moved servers (again - hopefully for the last time!) and obtained a SSL certificate to keep our members safer. Just like with the switch for TDA, we are well aware that this switch has led to a lot of problems with some people accessing the site and we're still working on trying to work through the problems and potential solutions. However, since the majority of people seem to be able to access the site in some shape or form, the board is back online. If you have a friend who can't access the site, or you can only access it from one device/using only data/only on wifi, please contact a staff member so that we can attempt to assist you. Hopefully it'll just take a little bit of time for things to go back to normal. We appreciate your patience. London will remain open for students until Tuesday 15th Jan 9PM GMT.


In summary:

Data loss - There was none (yay!)

Redirection/404 Errors - Contact a staff member

Bookmarks - Update those, the URL has changed again

Emails - Those aren't working again, but we'll hopefully get those up and running again in the next few days

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