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Governor Daisy

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Governor Daisy

Hi everyone! Thanks to the fabulous Wilder Mackinnon :worshippy:, we are getting some updates to our default skin, as well as to our other ones too! 


Some things to note: 

  • The formatting of our forum descriptions is changing, so that on mobile view, you will no longer have the image/description taking up all the screen space on your phone! It it going to take admins some time to get through all the forum descriptions - as you know, there are a lot! So, please don't panic if you notice images/descriptions going missing on your mobile device only. If you are viewing from a full screen desktop, this should not be the case, so please let me know! You may also notice that the formatting looks a little different on some skins - if this is the case and it doesn't look close to what it typically would, please let me know! Again, it will take some time to get through all of these - please be patient! 
  • The font of the new default skin is bigger! It should be changed over to the new font everywhere, but if you notice that there's an area where it is not, or if you notice an area where the font is hard to read (due to color, most likely) please let me know! This is the time to make fixes! 
  • As always, if you notice other bugs that we've missed, please let Governor Daisy know. 


Thanks guys! An updated version of PW default will go live shortly!

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