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3 - How to Become a Member

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*Supreme Mugwump

New Member To Do List:

1) Check our calendar for upcoming Registration dates and times.


2) Once Registration is open, you may click 'Register' at the top right-hand corner of our home page to create a new account. Please review the Potter's World Terms of Service first before beginning this process.

3) Please submit your character's first and last name as your display name, enter a password and a valid email address. Refer to the chapter on Character Creation Rules in our ToS for specific guidelines and rules on naming your character.

4) Once you've followed the rest of the instructions, hit submit. You should receive an email to the address provided to verify your account. Please note that you must do this first before posting your Role Call, or your account will be stuck. If your account becomes stuck, don't worry - our staff will be on the lookout. If for some reason, a staff member does not fix your account right away, please wait twenty-four hours before notifying the staff.


5) Once your account has been created and verified, you may post your Roll Call here. Your post will be hidden at first, awaiting approval from a staff member. If approved, your post will become visible and your character will be entered into the Character Face Masterlist. If the staff has any notes, edits or would like you to resubmit your Roll Call, they will unhide your post with those notes. Please review the required word count of each portion of your roll call before submitting it. You can check your word count by following this link.


6) Once your character's Roll Call is approved and your character's name is added to the Character Face Masterlist, you may post how you got your Hogwarts letter here. Once again, your post will be hidden at first until approved by a staff member. Once approved, you're free to begin posting in the Leaky Cauldron! Minimum required word count: 50 words. 


Congratulations on your new character and have fun! :) 



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