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Governor Kit

The fox is hanging her socks

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Governor Kit

Pottersworld has been a massive part of my life for the last 7 years and over half of that time has been spent in Staffie Mansion. I have some big real life adventures coming up and unfortunately I can’t bring Kit along with me. 


I’m super grateful for the opportunities I’ve had being part of the staffing team. Helping to run this site and giving back to this amazing little community has been an absolute joy. From wrapping up the MP to the Quadwizard Tournament and Lady Sapphire, to more recent ventures with the Order and Ministry - it's all been a blast. Special thank you to old Oz and Eye for letting me cover the board with over-saturated icons and tags - that was such a treat for my little graphic designer heart. 


I’m looking forward to seeing PW evolve with the unwavering support and contribution from the membership and staffing team. I know you're all going to take it to amazing places!


THANK YOU LOVELY PW FAM. It’s not goodbye for good just time to retire this bushy tail.

I'll be back to enjoy the roleplaying side again soon (from the other side of the globe :frantics:)


Governor Kit :wub:


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