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3 - The Student Handbook

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Student Manual for

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Welcome to Hogwarts!


Please read through the following rules and guidelines for all students attending school at this institution.




Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that supports the ideals set forth by the Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its educational mission. Hogwarts staff, faculty and students will at all times endeavor to promote integrity, virtue, fairness, equal academic opportunity, respect for others and professionalism. Indeed, all members of Hogwarts, staff and students alike shall take active roles in the promotion and maintenance of an environment of academic integrity.



Table of Contents

  • Staff, Professors and Prefects
  • Classes
  • Student Academic Life and Adventures
  • Class/Year Promotion
  • Activities & Special Events
  • Hogwarts Castle and Grounds
  • Discipline Policy
  • Fighting
  • Personal Conduct
  • Spells/Charms/Hexes/Curses
  • Travelling Away from Hogwarts



OOC: This manual will be written in IC (in-character) format. That is, written as if talking directly to your character, not to the player behind the character. Should it become necessary, occasionally a quote box like this one will be inserted with the letters "OOC" (out of character) to indicate that rules or instructions are considered for the player, NOT the character.




By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

11JAN06 -- reposting; formatting changes; addition of Special Classes, Activities & Events

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The term "staff" applies to all Hogwarts personnel, as well as the Governors and the Magistrates, who help not only with Hogwarts but also with wider issues affecting the wizarding world. All of the staff are here to answer your questions should you ever have any. Just send an owl to them (send a PM) and they will either answer your question or provide you with information on where to discover it for yourself.


Not all questions can be answered. Sometimes the student is encouraged to discover the answer for themselves. It may not be the quickest way, but in the longer run it may have been presented this way as a teaching lesson for the student. And all students are here at Hogwarts to learn.





The Professors at Hogwarts are a select group of teachers assigned to each of the twelve subjects at Hogwarts. They are specialists in their field and and are a wealth of knowledge for the student to learn from. The utmost respect must be paid to their -- and indeed all -- of the Professors. Professors have the power to not only teach their subject, grade assignments and pass students on to the next grade-level, but they also can give out deserved punishment and discipline.


Professors can be either contacted by owl (via the PM system) or directly contacted at their designated offices, usually located near their classrooms.




A select group of students have been designated as Prefects. A Prefect is someone who the staff feels not only adheres to and show knowledge of all rules and regulations, but is of a friendly out-going personality, helpful to other students in need, responsible and trustworthy.


Students should not ignore the Prefects when a Prefect gives them an order or request. The student should obey their Prefects.


OOC: The Prefects are considered board moderators. They often speak for the Staff. They are their eyes and ears and what the Prefects say is usually what has been passed down to them from the Staff.


The Prefects report directly to the Staff and the Staff take action when an infraction is brought to our attention. Prefects have the power to issue official warnings in certain areas of Hogwarts.




By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

11JAN08 -- reposting; formatting changes; added part emphasizing the importance of obeying prefects.

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All students at Hogwarts attend classes, do homework and complete O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s.


First and Second Years take the following classes:

  • Transfiguration
  • Astronomy
  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Charms
  • History of Magic
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts


Third and above take the previous classes plus a choice from the following courses:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Arithmancy
  • Ancient Runes
  • Muggle Studies
  • Divination


Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.) Exams

-- taken by all 5th year students

-- results of these exams determines what subjects a student takes in their 6th & 7th Years


Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s)

-- taken by all 7th year students



OOC Note: Potters World does not have a requirement that you have to complete "classes" (although you will find some fun "lessons" topics to participate in if you choose), but located in the library are some textbooks you may find interesting.


Student characters should take care that they do not RP taking a class that they are not allowed to yet. For example, a 2nd Year student cannot talk about taking Care of Magical Creatures.


Students are encouraged to RP their character freely talking about their classes, their homework and their professors. Located in each classroom forum is a pinned topic that has the class schedules. Students may, to a certain extent, god-mode the actions of teachers as long as it is within respectable, realistic bounds. When in doubt, please PM a staff member or go to the Your Plot forum to present your idea.





By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

11JAN11 -- reposting; formatting changes; added information about O.W.L.s & N.E.W.T.s; added info about how to RP within classes.



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Student Academic Life and Adventures



If a student misbehaves or breaks school rules, a Professor may issue them with a detention to serve. Detention tasks do not simply mean students sit and write lines; these detentions can involve tasks from cleaning to organising, and anything else a Professor deems a suitable service to the school. A student must behave during these detentions, and they will remain under supervision of the Professor who is overshadowing them.


OOC: Students wishing to serve detention may post in the 'Detention Wanted Thread!' located in the +Help Wanted forum. Unless you have been asked to post in this thread by a member of PW staff or a Prefect following a member of staff's instructions, you will not receive an IC Violation for taking part. Detentions will be allocated by a member of staff.


Please note: the detention sign up thread is NOT available at all times.



N.E.W.Ts/Graduation Reviews

In order to ensure that students are learning to the best of their abilities and are receiving all the advice they can get through the school, Professors will hold appointments for students in Fifth Year, and Seventh Year in order to discuss their N.E.W.T subject choices and future career options. These meetings are mandatory, and all students will be required to meet their appointed Professor promptly at the relevant time.


OOC: Students wishing to participate in these discussions may look in the Help Wanted forum to see if any professors are offering their services, or to PM professors directly.



Apparation Lessons

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in apparation lessons in their Seventh Year at Hogwarts. This is a key ability witches and wizards have a preference to when they need to travel to locations locally. All lessons will be taught by a fully qualified Ministry official or a Hogwarts Professor, and students must not attempt apparation outside of the allotted lesson time.


OOC: Students may have a closed thread if they wish to RP apparition lessons. Whilst it is not essential to have a member of the Department for Magical Transport or a Professor in your thread, you are permitted to GM the presence of an unnamed official in your threads. This 'lesson' may not occur anywhere EXCEPT in the +Chancellor's Office of Hogsmeade forum, and lessons may not go on longer than one term.



Patronus Lessons

Seventh years will be taught how to cast a Patronus. This ability, whilst extremely difficult, is a common element to be assessed in the Defence Against the Dark Arts N.E.W.T, and thus students will be taught how to cast this spell in their lessons. Additionally, the Patronus club may also offer support.



The Forbidden Forest and the Chamber of Secrets

The Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students without staff supervision.


Legend has it that the Chamber of Secrets was built by the great Salazar Slytherin himself. Whilst it has occasionally been accessed, it is unfortunate that the exact location is unknown, as are the dangers which lie within. Perhaps it is for this reason that the Hogwarts walls were built to move so much.


OOC: A student may apply to post in the Forbidden Forest or Chamber of Secrets by posting an application through the

+Private Communication Forum. All applications will be dealt with individually by the staff of Potters World. Occasionally a Professor may opt to host a detention in the Forbidden Forest, and they may apply on behalf the participants. Student Quests or Club meetings may also be held in one of these locations as long as the staff have given permission to do so.




All students must sit exams, and pass in the majority of subjects in order to progress on to the next year.


OOC: Occasionally, a Professor may set up an assignment thread, or an exam scenario for students of a specific age group to sit; characters who fit this category are more than welcome to participate RP'ing in these. The progression of your years will depend on you meeting the minimum required post count for each term.



Hogwarts Quests

Hogwarts is a dangerous place full of mysterious magic and strange happenings. Students are encouraged to go above and beyond their usual academic boundaries when encountered with such situations, and students who display an abundance of the traits that Hogwarts holds dear (bravery, intelligence, loyalty, and ambition) will be met with House Points for their efforts.


OOC: Students wishing to participate in an official Hogwarts Quest can sign up via the +Student Centre. Quests are adventure type prompts that the students can do as a group to earn House points. A fast-paced version of the Quest called Blitz is also available on special terms for a chance to earn more points for your House. Currently, this is the only way for students to earn House Points. Students are able to see a current tally of points in the +Great Hall.



The Hospital Wing

In a magical school, it is expected that accidents happen from time to time. Should these accidents prove detrimental to student health, Hogwarts houses a fully stocked Hospital Wing staffed by experienced healers formerly from St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Illnesses. The Hospital Wing is located on the fourth floor a few corridors down from the library.


You may find more information about the Hogwarts Hospital Wing in the +Hospital Wing RULES, INJURIES and TREATMENT.


OOC: Sign-up for treatment threads is open to students in 2nd - 6th year (posting in the Hospital Wing forum is open only to 3rd - 7th years). Sign-ups will open the last week of term for the following term. Treatments with individual Healers will open at different times to allow for fairness across different time zones.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

16NOV18 -- updated information about Quests and Blitz

11FEB09 -- all new

29Jul15 -- Added Hospital Wing information

29Jul15 -- Removed outdated NEWT discussion information

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Class/Year Promotion


As academic and magical achievement are the primary functions of Hogwarts, attendance at classes is mandatory. Social interaction is important to a student's growth; however this should not supersede academia.


If it is felt that a student has not completed their classes to the satisfaction of the staff, they will not be promoted to the following year.


OOC: The following rules will govern class/year promotion:
  • A "term" is defined as one 6-week "real life" period. (OCC: The end of a "term" will be at the moment new registrations start for the next term.) Please see the +CALENDAR to see when the next term begins/ends.
  • A student will be promoted to the next class/year at the end of the term just before registration. Please be patient! -- this must all be done manually one account at a time by the staff. We are ordinary people with real lives too, and must do the promotions when it is convenient for OUR schedules! This process MAY take several hours to complete and can be started as soon as 24 hours BEFORE the actual registration time begins.
  • A student who is NOT promoted from one term to the next cannot claim to be an older student who "didn't pass". That student must remain the same age as the other characters in their year. (example: All First Years are 11, all 2nd Years are 12, etc.)
  • All 7th Year students will be able to see into the +Graduate Job Faire forum. This area will enable them to see what jobs are available in the Adult World, and allow them to apply for adulthood once they have graduated. NOT EVERYONE WHO APPLIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. The adult portions of the board are a place for mature players only. This has nothing to do with the player age, but on past performance, including such things as warnings, violations, attitude to staff, and maturity of writing. This judgment will be ENTIRELY at the discretion of the staff.

To help clear up confusion about the number of posts required for characters to move from one level to the next, the following chart may help answer any questions about how many posts are required for your character to advance at PW.


First Year to Second Year - 50 posts
Second Year to Third Year - 20 posts
Third Year to Fourth Year - 20 posts
Fourth Year to Fifth Year - 20 posts
Fifth Year to Sixth Year - 20 posts
Sixth Year to Seventh Year - 20 posts
Seventh Year to Graduate - 20 posts


Posts made within the last few days of term end which are obviously lacking in content will be considered spam, and therefore deleted and not counted.


If a character fails to be promoted in Hogwarts, you are not permitted to register another account.


Any student account that does not advance a "year" after 3 consecutive terms (not meeting post count) will be deleted without notice.


IMPORTANT! Any NEW account that has not yet reached First Year will be deleted by the day before the next registration period. You MUST reach First Year before then!



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

8SEP18 - redefined a 'term' from 5 weeks to 6 weeks

11SEP11 -- redefined a 'term' from 4-weeks to 5-weeks

11JAN12 -- reposting; formatting changes; upped minimum post counts to promote to next year.

22FEB16 -- rule updated on character creation if a student account fails to be promoted

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Activities & Special Events


There are many opportunities for Hogwarts Students to participate in extracurricular activities and socialising. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the school's facilities such as the Grounds and Quidditch Pitch, as well as the Library and Student Commons. Hogwarts also has many clubs with which to participate and even smaller activities among students are also welcomed and encouraged.



As the most popular wizarding sport, Quidditch aims to foster teamwork, sportmanship and House pride for all students. Students who have the skill may play for their House team after undergoing try outs. Positions include Chaser, Beater, Keeper, and Seeker as well as Alternates that can step in for substitutions. The House mascot is a privilege open to all students to represent their House.



OOC: Playing Quidditch


There are Four Quidditch House teams at Hogwarts. Try-outs are held once a term, and 3 or more matches per term are held, as well as the Final Round in which a Quidditch Cup is awarded to the winning House.


For more information on playing Quidditch, please see the pinned threads within the +Quidditch Pitch forum.




Available for students are clubs where they can find like-minded classmates to share their interest an hobbies from wizarding games to duelling. They make student life more interesting after lessons and help student gain life skills that are available beyond the classroom setting. 



OOC: Being in a Club


Student accounts can choose to participate in any number of Hogwarts clubs. These clubs are generally operated by fellow students; each student belonging to a club will have to perform a certain duty or number of posts per term to maintain their membership in that particular club.


For more information on being in a Hogwarts Club, please se the pinned threads within the +Organisation Wing, the home of Hogwarts Clubs.



Other Activities

Hogwarts encourage both learning and socialisation all within the typical environment of a boarding school. However, a certain degree of allowance is made for other extra-curricular activities that allow students to enjoy student life and living away from home. 



OOC: Throwing a Party


1. Open or Closed? Party threads can be open or closed, depending on the desires of the thread creator. The condition of "closed" or "by invite only" can be added as a tag to the thread.


2. Location? If the party is closed or by invite only, it should take place in the Unused Classroom forums only. If the party is open, it can take place in any open forum at Hogwarts. Exceptions - no parties should take place in the following:

-- active classrooms

-- corridors/hallways

-- the Kitchen

-- dormitories

-- anywhere in Hogsmeade (except when involving family members such as parents, etc not able to post within Hogwarts)


3. Catering? Hogwarts house elves provide the following for birthday parties: cake (magically enough to feed all attending), beverage (water, juice, soda, butterbeer), plates/utensils/napkins, a small book for the guests to write a nice memento for the birthday boy/girl, table and chairs. Elaborate decorations or food are not permitted.


4. Student Conduct? Students should conduct themselves with decorum. No food fights, extreme pranking (a little is okay), or bizarre/strange/deadly gifts. When in doubt, apply to the Private Communications forum for prior permission or just PM a member of the staff if you have questions.


5. Duration? Parties should be confined to one term only. Once a term has ended, all parties end.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

16NOV18 -- added descriptions and edited 'subtitle' to 'tag' to reflect the new board

11FEB07 -- new topic; inclusion of party rules from another section

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*Supreme Mugwump

Hogwarts Castle and the Grounds


Students are encouraged to explore and utilize all portions of Hogwarts castle and grounds. Portions that are not permitted to students will have proper notices saying such.



OOC: There are certain areas of the board that are not available for students to post in, but that are still visible to the students (i.e. The Staff Lounge). Though it may say 'no students allowed', if it's visible to the students, they ARE intended to read these areas. In fact you may find valuable information in these areas. If you were truly not meant to see an area, the administrators would make it invisible.



Common Rooms and Dormitories

Students are encouraged to mingle with their fellow house members in their own common room. All common rooms have a wireless wizard radio for student use, including the +Student Commons where all students from every House are welcomed.


'Sneaking' into another common room is discouraged. Additionally, the dormitories are not unisex. No boy should be seen in a girl dormitory and vice versa. There are magical wards in place against this.


OOC: Girls can only post in Girl's Dormitories and boys within Boy's Dormitories. Posting in the wrong dormitory will result in the thread or post being deleted.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

16NOV18 -- added information about the Student Commons

11JAN17 -- reposting; formatting changes; removed info about clubs.



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*Supreme Mugwump

Disciplinary Policy


Should it become necessary, disciplinary action for rule-breaking will be swift and decisive. Discipline can take one of many forms, depending on the seriousness of the infraction:


Verbal Warnings

If the misconduct is of a minor nature (being caught out out after curfew, etc.), a student may be given a verbal warning (IC) by a member of the staff or a Prefect. Students should heed these warnings; they are usually in the form of both warning and advice on how to correct the student's action. A note will usually be made in the students personal record.


Official Warnings

- If the misconduct is of a slightly more serious nature (threatening/bullying another student, blatant disrespect of Professors or Prefects, etc.), a student may be issued an official Hogwarts warning owl, delivered personally to the student by teaching staff, or by School Governors. These will be also noted in the student's record, and will be taken more seriously when it comes to considering the student for perks and activities.



OOC: For the specifics of Potters World Disciplinary Policy, and how the above may affect you OOC as a handler, please read the

+Terms of Service.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

11JAN31 -- reposting; reworded and simplified the infractions explanations

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*Supreme Mugwump



Fighting is strictly prohibited at Hogwarts. This includes any sort of physical altercations whatsoever.





Fights happen at Hogwarts!

It would be a very boring, unrealistic board if all fighting whatsoever was banned. It is also not realistic for a group of kids to be peaceful, because let's face it -- kids fight. Fights are exciting and properly managed, can add to the drama of a group's plot line.


Location is important!

While fighting isn't against the ToS, there are repercussions to each fight IC. If you have a fight in an open thread, if you fight in the Student Commons (or any other open area) or if you slap someone in the Great Hall, chances are that a Prefect or a teacher WILL see you and give punishment (an IC violation). So too -- if you have a fight between two characters in a closed thread in one of the Unused Classrooms, you can expect a reasonable amount of "privacy" for your fight, and you won't be caught.


Fighting Rules & Guidelines

  • Rating -- Fights within Hogwarts can be considered 15+. For fights between students, let the real Harry Potter books be your guide.


  • Age Matters -- There is a good deal of difference between a fight with First Years (11 year olds) and a fight with Seventh Years (17 year olds). This needs to be kept in mind when putting in your descriptions. Younger folks are more likely to get in to shoving matches than all-out punches; older students can inflict (and take) more serious injuries.


  • Gender equity applies -- a girl slapping a boy is considered the same as if a boy slapped a girl; if she does so in an open thread and in a public area, she may be caught and punished (IC).


  • Blood language -- Mention of blood should be at a level also even with the ages involved. A bloody nose or bruises from a Second Year is appropriate, while deeper cuts and even a broken arm would be allowed for a 7th Year depending on the situation.


  • No Gore -- No mention of body parts or pieces flying off; please don't gross out your readers!


  • No 'to the death' -- Nothing even mildly life-threatening should be posted without first getting staff approval


  • Don't god-mode! -- Read this article to keep yourself from god moding while fighting: +Fun Fights and How to Do Them Right



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

8NOV18 -- updated fight language

11FEB04 -- reposting; upped the rating to 15+, emphasized about locations & gender balance, put link in for Fighting article; elaborated on the role age plays in fighting.

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*Supreme Mugwump

Personal Conduct


Personal conduct is the responsibility of the individual student and must demonstrate an individual's respect of themselves and the other students and people around them.





OOC: Romance


Keeping in mind at all times that this board has a rating, and it would do well to review the rules on romantic relationships from the ToS: see The 15+ Rule.


Think about the Harry Potter books. Romance was not what drove the plot forward, and even when the Trio were experiencing extremely traumatic situations, their entire lives weren't centered around it (for the most part). We are playing in a world of witches, wizards, goblins, dragons, magic, good/evil struggles, and candy that comes in every flavor from chocolate to ear wax. You'll find that this kind of drama will mean much more room for your character to grow and interact with other characters.






OOC: Bullying


We all know that bullying is not nice. It's nasty and vile, makes people feel badly, and makes school life often terrible. However, there is great precedence in the Harry Potter books for bullying. Draco Malfoy and his cronies were known school bullies, and we believe bullying DOES have a place at PW.


However, this must be done delicately. Bullying is much more than barging into Open threads, insulting everyone in sight, or taking over a Common Room and insisting the most comfortable chair is "your chair". Following are some guidelines for bullying in PW's Hogwarts:

  • REMEMBER! The only bullying allowed on PW is IC (in character) bullying. Bullying of handlers is NOT permitted.
  • IC: Any physical bullying must not cross over into god moding; physical bullying even with permission of the handler must not cause injuries.
  • IC: Verbal insults are allowed, but stay away from forbidden topics (don't insult based on race, sex, religion, etc.). Insulting based on "blood-status" is permitted because this is a fictionalized trait.
  • OOC: When deciding to bully a character, it is always polite to PM the handler and let them know this is not personal, that this is just role-playing. It will make the other player feel better.
  • When in ANY doubt, please PM a member of the staff (Governor or Magistrate), or apply an idea to the Private Communication forum. The staff will NOT punish/enforce bullying UNLESS a member files a complaint WITH A STAFFER (not a prefect); reports and rumors by on Facebook will not be considered a report.... a member must pluck up the courage and PM a staff member directly


Conversation Games



OOC: Conversation Games


These are games in which you get a conversation going with other members in a set format, like using the "Truth or Dare" format, or the "Never Have I Ever" format. Conversation Games are great for getting characters to talk to one another, but there should be a limit to the types of things they talk about:

  • "Truth or Dare" is not allowed because it strong-arms a character/handler into doing something physical (the 'dare') they may not want to do
  • Any conversation game that broaches into sexuality (kissing, touching, etc.) is not allowed
  • Any conversation game that touches in subjects such as admitting "liking" a boy/girl is allowed as long as it is handled with sensitivity; the character shouldn't feel "forced"
  • Any conversation game that violates ToS is not allowed (example: making racist remarks)
  • When in doubt, ask the staff first before posting!






OOC: Hobbies


Please try to keep your hobbies "magical". This is not the place to show off your real-life hobbies (ballet, piano, cello, etc.) in great detail. You can make mention of enjoying these activities, but try to avoid going into excessive detail where a lot of accessories or material would be required. A good rule of thumb is that if it can't fit into a regular sized backpack/book bag, then you won't have room in your trunk. Muggle hobbies are permitted, although the magical world has a knack for making some of these Muggle hobbies a heck of a lot more interesting with magic (Snap into Exploding Snap). In addition all common rooms have a wireless wizard radio for student use.






OOC: Pets


For a list of allowed pets at Hogwarts, please read ++this post in the Magical Menagerie Pet Shop in Diagon Alley.



Swimming in the Black Lake



OOC: Swimming in the Black Lake


Swimming in the Black Lake is allowed. Swimming attire should never be described -- it is assumed that your character will have an appropriate swimming outfit on that is not revealing or sexually suggestive. While walking to and from the castle, your character will be modestly covered.






OOC: Dancing


Once a term, the Yule Ball will be held (see the Calendar) in which students Fourth Year and above are allowed to attend a formal Ball. Dancing is allowed for all ages outside of the Yule Ball within reason (ex: doing a happy dance after getting a good mark on an exam is fine, putting on a Julliard-esque performance for your classmates or allowing this hobby to severely cut into their education is not). Students may not host formal dance lessons as the Professors at Hogwarts already offer this option.


Please remember that ALL dancing must be 12+ and follow other rules in the ToS.



The School Uniform and Dress Code


Dress should at all times be smart, inoffensive and appropriate for the school environment. The dress code applies to students when travelling to and from classes, and to and from the evening meal.


Students should present a clean and tidy appearance. Boys should be clean shaven at all times. Jewellery should be discreet; one set of small stud-type earrings and a watch is permitted. No body and/or facial piercing are to be displayed. Unobtrusive, discreet make-up may be worn but no lipstick or coloured nail varnish is acceptable. Unconventional and/ or egregious hair styles are to be discouraged.



  • House color striped tie
  • long sleeved white oxford shirt
  • black trousers
  • House color/trim sweaters/jumper
  • black socks & shoes
  • black school robes
  • black all-weather cloak



  • House color striped tie
  • Long sleeved white oxford shirt
  • black or grey skirt or pinafore/black trousers
  • black or grey tights or leggings
  • House color/trim sweaters/jumper
  • black socks & shoes
  • black school robes
  • black all-weather cloak


Students are permitted to wear street clothing in the evenings and on weekends (with the exception of the evening meal). All street clothing must be neat and tidy with no holes or offensive material.



OOC: Dress Code


You need not go into great detail to describe your school uniforms. It is assumed that all students will be dressed appropriately in their required school uniforms and in their street clothes in their free time.


You are not permitted to describe your character having any tattoos. This is something appropriate for Adult characters only. For piercings, students are only permitted to have one stud-type earring in each ear. You are not permitted to describe your character having "secret" piercings or tattoos as long as they are students. In the Adult World, these things are permitted.


If at all possible, signature pictures should try to reflect the spirit of a character attending a British boarding school. Try to keep the pictures you choose for your face tasteful and appropriate for this setting. As stated in the ToS, all signature pictures are under the judgment and discretion of the staff of Potters World.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

8SEP18 -- changed 'male/female relationship's to 'romantic relationships' to be more inclusionary; added a trouser option for female students; changed IM to Facebook to reflect new trends

11APR12 -- added quote box directing issues of pets to the existing Magical Menagerie list.

11FEB08 -- reposting; clarifying dancing, swimming and hobby rules; listing a school uniform for reference, clarifying some appearance expectations and adding a note about signatures reflecting character.

2APR16 -- clarification on existing guidelines regarding muggle hobbies and the wireless radio in dorms



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*Supreme Mugwump

Spell Casting


Hogwarts is, first and foremost, a school for learning magic. This institution's goal is to have each witch and wizard graduating from its halls to have an excellent and firm grasp on their magical skills, enabling them to contribute as a citizen of the wizarding world.


Below are the lists of spells allowed performed at Hogwarts, the Year a student is allowed to use them and their classification.


+Spells Listed by Classification

(attack, defence, effect, healing, other)


+Spells Listed by Year




-You can not use a spell that is above your character's year level.



A Word about Casting

Spells are not like a round of ammunition in your pocket, to be pulled out and used relentlessly over and over. Magic takes skill, experience and energy. If you are a younger person (a student/underaged) you must expect some fatigue when you are casting multiple spells. Those spells cast after doing 5 or 6 previous spells will not be as effective, nor last as long. True role-playing should be played realistically; there are no "super-heroes" here.


Older characters (older adults) can be expected to last longer, use a wider variety of spells and with greater success, but no one is perfect. A student who has participated in supervised school duels should NOT consider themselves an expert, no matter what their pp says about their parents sending them to boot camp since they were 2. An 18 yr old still cannot compete equally against a 30 yr old.


A Rule of Thumb about Fatigue


For underaged students:

Will become tired and spells will be less effective when using more than 8 in a single event.


For adults:

Will become tired and spells will be less effective when using more than 15 in a single event


Created Spells

(5th, 6th & 7th Years only)


Any character at Fifth Year student level or older can use spells that are not listed on the spells list. They will naturally be of limited ability and use if the character is younger; better use and more power as the character ages. Beware though... there should be no grand and glorious spells to wipe everything from the planet -- try to keep a perspective about your character and those around you. The final decision as to the appropriateness of a spell lies with the board staff.


While a handler can 'create' a spell of their own, it cannot be stated that a student invented the spell themselves. This simply means that they are not entirely restricted by the spells list provided.




For those of you wanting to be creative and make your own spells, below is a handy English-to-Latin converter. Remember, this is reserved for 5th, 6th & 7th years only. All other students must follow the above lists for spell use.


click here for +English-To-Latin Converter



Incantation Free Magic

(6th & 7th Years only)


Students in the Sixth and Seventh Year are allowed to use spells BELOW THEIR YEAR without saying the spell aloud. For example, a Seventh Year student cannot use a spell designated as a Seventh Year spell in a nonverbal fashion, but CAN use a nonverbal spell that has a Fifth Year limit on it.


Adults can use nonverbal spells, but any spell intended to be powerful and striking (like attack spells) should have the incantation spoken aloud. The more powerful the delivery of the spell, the better its effect and its power.




Politeness in RPing.


Except in designated areas like the dueling tournaments, it would be polite to PM and ask an opponent for permission to hex them. Not everyone would choose to have their character the victim of a spell and it is only good manners to ask them first. Of course, if you have pre-arranged something with the other handler, this is acceptable. The staff will not step in unless someone brings a complaint to us. Try to avoid overt god-moding though... this sets a bad precedent for the rest of the board, and we DO have rules against extreme god-moding.



Magic Outside of Hogwarts


In keeping with Ministry rules and regulations, all students are reminded that no magic may be performed OUTSIDE of Hogwarts boundaries. Forbidden areas where no magic is allowed by under-aged students include Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron, School Holiday forums etc.





For purposes of our board, the following will tell you whether your character is under-age or of-age:


Under-aged -- ANY student at Hogwarts is considered "under-aged".

Of Age (aka Adult) -- Once graduating from Hogwarts, characters are considered "of-age" or adult.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

8NOV18 -- rephrased under-aged section

11FEB09 -- reposting & reformating.

12FEB15 -- expanded on 'creating spells' explanation.

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*Supreme Mugwump

Travelling Away from Hogwarts


There are two occasions when Hogwarts students are permitted to travel away from the grounds of Hogwarts: Hogsmeade weekends, and summer holidays, during which they may visit Diagon Alley to purchase supplies for the new term.


Hogsmeade Weekends


Occasionally throughout the term, students Third Year and above are permitted to walk to Hogsmeade village. Students are expected to compose themselves in a manner that does not demean themselves or the principles of Hogwarts. Punishment for misbehavior there will be the same as at Hogwarts.



OOC: Hogsmeade is available for Third Year students and above to post in at all times. However, students should role-play that they are on an official "Hogwart's Hogsmeade weekend", not that they popped down on a Wednesday afternoon etc. IC, students are NOT permitted to visit Hogsmeade on any other days, ONLY on special weekends.



Diagon Alley


Diagon Alley/Hogwarts Express is a place for all students, new and returning, to purchase supplies for the upcoming school year. Students are expected to compose themselves in a manner that does not demean themselves or the principles of Hogwarts. Punishment for misbehavior there will be the same as at Hogwarts.


Students are not permitted to visit Diagon Alley between terms.


Part-time jobs in Diagon Alley

As most of you are well aware, even students needs a bit of pocket money or even some job experience and we'd like to bring that aspect onto the board. Starting this term, Sixth Year and Seventh Year students may role-play as part-time workers in some of the shops in Diagon Alley.


Shops and guidelines are listed below:

- No shops aside from those listed below may hire p/t students (more shops may be added in later)

- Students must be Sixth Years or Seventh Years

- NO WORK REPORTS (at this time)

- You must RP at least 1 work thread in order to claim that your character works at the shop

- Students may NOT use magic while not at Hogwarts

- Students may NOT be subjected to severe danger or harm while at work (they will always be supervised- GM'd or otherwise)

- Feel free to set up open threads with your character working or even threads with other employees!

- Threads may only be done while London is open and work hours must be set during the summer holidays

- Keep in mind that a few extra Knuts and Sickles does not mean your character can provide for themselves

- ALL student positions are basic tasks in which no refined skills are needed (cleaning out cages, stocking shelves, etc.)


Participating shops include:

  • Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour
  • Magical Menagerie
  • Flourish & Blotts Bookstore
  • The Newt's Eye



OOC: Student accounts will not allow them to post in London except during registration weekend. They will be allowed to post there during the stated new member registration times (check the +Calendar), and for the few days following. (This will be indicated by the scrolling banner at the top of the forum.)


The only exception to this is incoming new students. They ARE permitted to continue posting in the London areas even after registration has ended in order to get to the post count necessary to move up to a First Year student and go to Hogwarts. The exact post count will have to be something they must discover on their own. Once they get to the "First Year" user group, they will no longer be able to post in London.


New students are allowed to post in Diagon Alley/Hogwarts Express/Leaky Cauldron up until the day before the next registration period (check the +Calendar). After that point, all accounts in the New User, Student, Student Shopper and Student Traveller user groups will be deleted.



Ministry of Magic Internship

In order to further develop relationships between a a new generation of workers, the Ministry of Magic offers internship opportunities to NEWT level (Sixth and Seventh Year) students. The internship program offers students the opportunity to be mentored by a person working in their field of interest, as well as to work on small projects developed by the mentor and internship coordinator. While the projects are small in nature and do not involve the use of technical spells or official involvement with community members on a professional level, they do provide some insights into future careers at the Ministry.


Some preemptive career counseling is also available to Fifth Year students and above, at the discretion of the internship coordinators.


In order to be eligible, students must follow the following requirements and guidelines:

- Must be Sixth or Seventh Year students in good academic standing

- Must RP 1 thread in which they are meeting with a mentor or working on a task given to them by a mentor or internship coordinator

- Students may NOT use magic while not at Hogwarts

- Students may NOT be subjected to severe danger or harm while working

- Projects typically include sample tasks from the field, such as developing a cover story in an already closed Obliviator case, or writing profiles on different magical creatures

- Students may only have ONE internship. A Hogwarts education is important, and we do not want to compromise an already busy schedule

- Students are NOT doing their work within the Ministry building. They are free to work on their projects in their own time at Hogwarts


Those students who are interested in the internship program may contact an internship coordinator or the GameStaff Head of the Ministry.



School Holiday


Once registration begins, students 2nd Year and above will be able to see into a special forum called +School Holiday.


This forum will only be viewable and postable on the first week after registration. Students are encouraged to post there events from their "summer holiday" away from school, with such events as family gatherings, vacations, weekends with friends, etc. Students who are able to post here will also be able to post with adult characters if they so wish. This forum will close once registration week is over (adults will still be able to post there).


If time becomes an issue, it is suggested that members pre-write posts ahead of time so they can post more quickly. Shortness would also be of value there.



By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.



Revision History

16NOV18 -- changed opening/closing of School Holiday forums to registration weekend to the first week after registration

11FEB09 -- reposting; updated user group descriptions; updated how registration works for posting of existing students.

14APR16 -- Information regarding student jobs added

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