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A Very Fond Farewell

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Governor Spot

Having been a part of this site since day one, with only one 6 months hiatus, it's very hard to say goodbye, but alas that time has come and this elephant is packing her trunk!


It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to have served as staff for the past 6 years. Though at times it has been a little stressful, it has also been an amazing and wonderful experience. One that I never expected to have the honour of, so thank you. Thank you for the events, plots and areas of the board you have allowed me to bring my ideas to. It's been fantastic opportunity for me and I have learnt and grown a lot from the experience.


Thanks to all the staff past and present for your friendship and support. For everything you do and have done for PottersWorld. For always striving to improve everyone's experience here. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to work with and I'll miss you all.


Thank you all of you, the members who contribute to this site everyday and make it what it is. Thanks for the threads, the plots, the events, the unexpected twists. Thanks for all your help with the different areas of the board the club leaders, Hogwarts stock handlers and Ministry peeps (the best place to work!) I couldn't have done it without you.


I wish you and the site all the very best for the future


Happy posting,

Governor Spot :wub:

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