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Governor Fang

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Governor Fang



The staff hope you've enjoyed your break!


Promotions have taken place during shutdown, and a few other changes have taken place as well. Please read each post in this thread carefully to look over the changes that have taken place. 


Be sure to keep an eye on this thread too, because if any changes are made during the term, they'll be announced here in this thread.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the staff or post in the Ask the Staff forum.

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Governor Mint



Hello lovely members :wub:


The final results of the poll on QPS are as follows (duplicate votes of members were removed during tallying):


Option 1: I feel the board has grown past the need for QPS, and I would like to see it removed entirely from the board: 30

Option 2: I feel the board has grown past the need for QPS, and should be discontinued, but feel current members should be able to keep their old QPS badge in their character library until death/deletion: 32

Option 3: I feel the board has grown past the need for QPS, and I would like to see it replaced with something else (post your suggestions below for how you'd like to see it change): 24

Option 4: I enjoy QPS and would like to keep it in place as it is presently : 28


The final winner is option 2. From PW154, there will be no further QPS badges awarded, but current members may keep their badges within their character libraries. Badges will be removed from all side panels on the weekend of 9th/10th July if current members wish to get some final screen captures etc. The final roster active member roster was as follows:


Abraham Neil-Malone

Adrian (Price) Reyes

Adrian Savage 

Alder Ward-Holmes

Alina (Walsh) Jameson 

Amelia (Major) Jameson-Major
Anders Parrish

Andrew (Jameson-Mackinnon) Jameson
Antoni Wise

Astrid (Darlington) Elderflower

Briar Thorn

Casper Elderflower

Catherine (Keller, Hayden) Penvrane

Ceilidh Murphy

Charles Moran-Jameson
Clara Chandler

Clara (Gray) Fisher-Gray

Coraline Warren
Cormac McCullough

Cypher Faust
Daniel Penvrane

David Webb

Destin Chandler

Ealys (Morr) MorrGray

Elias (Fisher) Fisher-Gray

Elodie Argent

Emilia Dragomir

Fergus Lockerby

Frederick James

Grace (Tallis) Sayer

Iris Hoang
Jack McQueen

Jacob Swifte

James (Neilson) Anderson
Juliana (Moran) Moran-Jameson

Kerrigan Bray

Laurent May 

Leah (Stilton) Parrish

Lisette Montfort

Luca Valentino

Montgomery Sparrow

Naomie (Noke) Elderwine

Penelope (Dunson) Taylor

Percy Bray

Posy Atwood 

Romeo Blackwood

Rosewyn (Baudelaire) O'Donnolly

Rory Major
Saoirse (Balfe) Tempest

Saoirse (O'Riain) McCullough

Sabrina Ringhiare

Selene Elderwine

Simon Spiegelman

Simone Westerly

Sirocco Lawler

Sophie (Faust) St. James

Solar Rhys

Tamara Reyes

Thomas James

Tiberius Huxley

Tristan St. James

Weston Caldwell

Yvette Lee


And the badge itself is here





A discussion regarding non-member voted badges can be found here.

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Governor Fang

Amateur League Quidditch Changes


Adult World ONLY!


Please read the following thread here for background on what is taking place.


Those who wish to tryout will see that the tryouts have been posted. Please be sure to read each tryout carefully as there have been changes made to the tryout format. For ease of access, I will also link the threads below:





I hope to see all of you there!

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Governor Mint

Suggestions Thread


Hi all, you can now find some progress updates here for all the suggestions and changes being made.


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Governor Petal

Child Character Account Application Thread Change


We have added some clarifying language about when a child account can be applied for through +this thread. Please make sure to read the instructions before requesting your new account. :) 

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Governor Fang

Posting and Searching Functions


Hello everyone!


We're sorry for the inconvenience for the board being offline a bit tonight. The admins have tried to work out a way to take some of the pressure off the server and hopefully prevent more 404s during this busy time of term. Our solution was to raise a time function for the board, where you have to wait a bit of extra time between posting and searching on board. The new flood limits are:


30 seconds between posts.

45 seconds between searches.


Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience.


We hope you continue to enjoy registration! :wub:


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Governor Fang

Amateur League Tryout Changes 2.0


Hello everyone!


There has been another update to the Quidditch Tryouts for Amateur League. Please reread the tryout rules to make sure you are following these rules IC and OOC.


A quick summary is that pregnant characters are now able to tryout for Amateur League Quidditch when they have not been allowed to in the past. However, it must be absolutely clear IC and OOC, that your character was never pregnant during the tryouts, nor should the pregnant character be injured during tryouts. Anyone found claiming to have been pregnant during tryouts may find themselves with an OOC infraction for endangering a pregnant person.


All rules on a pregnant person participating in games still apply; a pregnant character will remain on the bench, regardless of the IC timeline on board, until the child(ren) appears on the birth registry. 


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

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Governor Blue

Retirement Changes


We have made changes to our requirements for Retired Citizen status. For more information, please see this thread:)

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Governor River

Posting Requirement Changes

2 hours ago, Governor Mint said:


Hello PW members!


Further to the vote on Hogwarts Posting Requirements, the results were:


Yes - 71

Yes, but different - 14

No - 47


However, while reviewing member inputs while discussing, the staff have reconsidered our original proposal and from (Promotions PW154/PW155) will be implementing a modified structure from the original proposal. We apologize that this notice is a little close to the promotion time, however it took some time to iron out all the kinks and agree on the best way forward. The new structure will be as follows:


1. To get to Hogwarts - 15 posts 

  • new user to 11 year old - 2 posts
  • 11 year old to 11 year old shopper - 4 posts
  • 11 year old shopper to 11 year old traveller - 9 posts
  • 11 year old traveller to unsorted first year - 15 posts

Child account post counts become:

  • New User = 0 to 2 posts (when your posts will still need to be validated)
  • 11 Year = 3 to 4 posts (when you can only post in the Leaky Cauldron)
  • 11 Year Shopper = 5 to 9 posts (when you can only post in the Leaky Cauldron & Diagon Alley)
  • 11 Year Traveller = 10 to 14 posts (when you can post in the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley and Train)
  • 1st Year = 15 posts (London & Hogwarts)

2. 1st to 2nd year - 30 posts


3. 2nd year to graduate, etc. - 10 posts per year/term


There will be no overall posting requirement beyond the 30 (1st Yr)/10 (2nd-7th Yr) posts per term, and ultimately this will be a trial until the end of the year. From this point, the staff will review and consider the broader impact of overall activity on board and decide whether to do a full 7 term trial or to alter the layout.


In the interest of also considering accessibility without negatively impacting overall Hogwarts activity levels, students will be able to avail of a once off freebie term during their Hogwarts time. A thread for this will be made available before PW155, and it will have the form below for members to fill in. Replies will be invisible, and the promotion update will contain a note that your character received a freebie promotion.



Freebie Student Promotion

Character Name: John Smith
Current Year: Tree

Posts made this term: 1
Year Next Term: Boat

Do you understand that by requesting a manual student promotion this term, you will not be able to request this again for the rest of your time at Hogwarts? Yes



This option will not be available to first years as they are the character's most likely to integrate into a new year if minimal/no posts have been made during this term. Getting a freebie term is also contingent on your character making at least the minimum required posts in the previous term, and will not be available to characters who have just returned from inactive. Expanded guidance will be provided in the thread once it is made available to members.


Following the trial and an overall review, a new discussion topic will be made for members to contribute in, but at present there is no timeline for this.

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Governor Fang



Hello lovely members :wub:


In a landslide victory of 134 yes votes to a combined 12 alternative/no votes, the staff have updated the ToS to allow the addition of a new swear word. Please review the rules carefully before running wild as there are conditions attached to this, and breaches of these conditions may result in OOC warnings or a revision of this rule change should frequent issues occur.


The staff ask that in your excitement that you also please be considerate of your RP partner's individual comfort levels with swearing. We're all adults here, and communication is key to everyone continuing to have an enjoyable environment to write in. If you have any questions on these new rules, please reach out to a staff member.


Enjoy :flowers2:


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Governor River

Owl Post Logo Contest


Looking for some graphics makers to enter a contest +here

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Governor Fang

Freebie Class Promotion



The freebie request thread is now open for students who wish to request their once off freebie class promotion. It is located in here in the Student Centre. Please read the rules and instructions carefully. This thread will be closed once promotions begin at the end of the term.

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