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Character Face Masterlist

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Choosing a Face

What is a character face?
The term 'character face' (also known as a 'play-by') refers to the image/model/celebrity you use for your signature/avatar image. This 'face' will be what your character will look like.
  • You MUST choose a face before your registration can be considered complete!
  • You cannot use the same character 'face' as another current character
  • If you try to claim a face that's already been chosen by someone else, you will be sent a message by the staff to choose another face.
  • Please be mindful and respectful of your character face's gender identity by choosing a face claim that matches your character's binary gender
  • Personal pictures are not permitted (you cannot use your own picture, your sister, friend, etc.)
  • All character faces must be 18 years old or older in real life.

  • The use of names, photographs, and/or the likeness of any person on Potter's World, whether they are on the Character Face Masterlist or not, does not imply endorsement or affiliation of any kind.

  • Choose your face wisely! Once you claim a face, it cannot be changed, except in the special circumstances described here.


HINT: To help in your search, use CTL F to "find" certain names -- this is especially important for some Asian names as they may not be listed correctly (last name first). 

Faces Already Taken
Celebrity name - Character name
Adams, Patrick J - Aldric English (deceased)
Adrian, Kevin - Michael Lawrence
Agron, Dianna – Ulyana Lasky (deceased)
Ahmed, Sohni - Cecily Mirza
Ahn, Hye-jin (Hwa Sa) – Lunar Moon
Aladjem, Mackenzie -- Suzetta Jameson
Alano, Jorge - Elias Fisher-Gray (nee Fisher)
Alexander, Jaimie - Penrose Yewbrey
Alexander Arnold, Trent - Linden O'Donovan
Alonso, Clara - Melody Baker
Alonso, Laz - Destin Chandler (nee Delshay)
Amir, Tamino - Mathis Renault-Wexler
Ancens, Janis - Nathair McGinn
Aoi, Shouta - Momo Kitagawa
Apa, KJ - Adrian Savage
Apanasenko, Viktoria (Viktoria Crystal) - Peyton Mcintyre-Hart
Appleman, Hale - Charlie Gosse
Arterton, Gemma - Clara Fisher-Gray (nee Gray)
Astin, Skylar - Wilf Walker
Atwell, Hayley - Viola Vincent

Baan, Jordy - Callum Murphy
Baccarin, Morena - Tamara Reyes
Badgley, Penn - Flint Booker
Bair, Molly - Marala Streeaka
Baker, Darla - Pippa St James
Bale, Christian - Alex Logan
Balfe, Caitriona - Mia Burnell
Ball, Michael - *Marlon Marconi
Balheim, David - Lorek Ringhiare
Bang, Chan - Yunho Song
Banks, Elizabeth - *Sophie Shaw 
Barnard, Zoe – Elodie Argent
Barnes, Ben - Atlas Rhys
Bates, Kathy - *Morwenica Curabolus
Bayler, Terence - *The Bloody Baron
Beatty, Tanaya - Anang Lacroix
Bederov, Daniel – Anders Parrish
Bell, Matthew – Adrian Price
Bellisario, Troian - Ember Booker
Benoist, Melissa - Lucy Penvrane
Berdy, Sean - not available
Bertoni, Timothee – Wendell Locke
Bethmann, Celine - Atropa Vermeulen
Bhatt, Alia - Zara Mackinnon (deceased)
Biedul, Richard - James Anderson (nee Neilson)
Biehn, Michael - *Professor Jack Ravensdale (deceased)
Biersack, Andy - Cypher Faust
Bilgrien, Charles - Archie Jameson-Mackinnon
Bilson, Rachel - Cordelia Wright
Bisson, Yannick – Atticus Holden
Bledel, Alexis - Jolene Marshall
Bloom, Orlando - Kylian Wilde (deceased)
Board, William "Billy Idol"  - Eli Ringhiare
Bomer, Matt - Graeme Harris
Boote, Daisy - Meira Torryn
Booth, Douglas - James Luddington
Bowie, David - *Jupiter Westwood
Boyer, Angelique - *Aerin Morline (deceased)
Bradshaw, Laura - Cosette Cloutier
Brady, Millie - Fern Lockerby
Braga, Daniela - Eden Neilson
Brand, Russell - *Thrash Dodgem
Brannon, Sarah - River Elderwine
Brealey, Louise - Mary Momerath
Brie, Allison - Glenna Morwick 
Brody, Adrien - *Mo Zonko (deceased)
Bronova, Vika - Margot Zegers (nee Zegers-Finley)
Brower, Olivia - Gabrielle Marlot (nee Knight)
Bui, Chau - Lydia Hoang
Burek, Gauge - Sebastian Faust
Bustos, Justina - Eleanor Tempest
Butler, Austin - Sam McQueen
Butler, Kit — Puck Rigby

Cameron, Dove – Addison Jones
Cameron-Bure, Candace - Allegra Cholmondeley
Campbell-Bower, Jamie - Andrew Moran-Jameson
Carew, Isaac - Briar Thorn
Carrey, Jim - *Sloane Whittaker
Carson, Sofia - Nina Cassidy
Carvajal, Sergio - Ryder Neilson
Cassidy, Raffey - Nova May
Catherine, Alice - Eleanora Hawthorne
Cavill, Henry - Adrik Ringhiare
Centineo, Noah - Tristan Fisher-Gray
Chabernaud, Clement – Linden Atwood
Chalamet, Timothee - Roman Haverly
Chance, Greyson - Benjamin Nichols
Chang-Wook, Ji - Romin Min-Park
Chastain, Jessica - Nova Mcintyre-Avalon
Chevrin, Steven - Nicholas Finchley

Christensen, Camilla Forchhammer - Zena Parrish

Chwe, Hansol Vernon - Freddie Jameson
Claflin, Sam - Rhys Sayer

Clarke, Emilia - Carys Goodknight 

Clavane, Matthew - Hidde de Beer 
Cleese, John - *Nearly Headless Nick

Clemons, Kiersey - Bell Jones

Clooney, George - *Gamekeeper Ludovic Rackharrow

Coleman, Zendaya - Olivia Wright

Collins, Lily - Lillian Kingsley

Comer, Jodie - Lucy Jameson-Mackinnon

Connery, Sean - *Alistair Reilly
Cooper, Ryan – Patrick Sergeant-Hudson (nee Hudson) (deceased)

Copeland, Jourdan – Caius Stillwell

Cornish, Abbie - *Saskia Leland

Coughlan, Nicola - Marigold MacLeod

Courtney, ‘Barns’ Barnaby - Billy Wheeler

Cowen, Abigail – Coraline Warren

Crawford, Chase - Charles Moran-Jameson

Cruise, Tom - *Trevor Drake

Crusset, Rocio - Sloane Reeves

Culpo, Olivia - Sunday Addams
Cusak, Joan - *Nikki Malene


Daddario, Alexandra - Paige Rivers

Daddario, Matthew - Xavier Fisher 
Dalsgaard, Emilie - Lennox Grier

Dalsjo, Oskar - Niall Paisley

Dalsjo, Oskar - Nolan Paisley

Dancy, Hugh - Clover Baudelaire

Danet Fauvel, Maxence - Christian Sinclair

De Caestecker, Iain - *Head Healer Jamie Baird

de Corte, Ellen - Persis Quillan

de Dinamarca, Nikolai - August van Dijk

de Graaf, Lauren - not available

Deiss, Richard - Luca Valentino
Dench, Dame Judi - *Eleanor Ballantyne
Denisof, Alexis - *Quentin Pomeroy

Deschanel, Zooey - Magnolia Campbell-Gosse

Develius, Bo - Flynn Hunter

Dicker, Cintia - Robin Connolly

Dickson, Vincent - Theodore Trewhella
Didonato, Emily - Emilie Moran-Jameson (nee Wilde) (deceased)

Diggs, Daveed – Othello Blackwood

Dobrin, Andrei - Patrick King
Doherty, Thomas - Connor Mackenzie

Donaldson, Lily - Melinda Mcintyre Hart

Dornan, Jamie - Brett O'Donnolly

Dornan, Jamie - Rhett O'Donnolly

Driver, Adam - Salvador Reyes-Cavelier

Duff, Hilary- Holly Alexander

Dunst, Kirsten - Selene Moran-Jameson (nee Elderwine)


Ealy, Michael - Desmond Carter

Easton, Lily - Olivia Reid
Eastwood, Scott - Huxley Taylor

Efron, Zac - Jace Hargrove

Egerton, Taron - Thomas James
Eidem, Benjamin - Gideon Knight
Eisley, India - Eileithyia Mulligan

Ellingson, Lindsay - Sabine Faraday

Elordi, Jacob - Finnegan O’Hare

Elyse, Zoe - Eliza Valkyrie

Evans, Chris - Newt McQueen

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Falahee, Jack- Montgomery Sparrow 

Fan, Bingbing - Calpurnia Malone-Reed (nee Malone)

Fanning, Dakota - Esmeralda Thorne (nee Neil-Malone)

Fanning, Elle - Leda Haverly

Felton, Tom - not available

Fenty, Robyn Rihanna - Raenai Blair

Fidler, Micah - Veronica Tempest 

Fisher, Carrie - *Madame Margaret Kenny

Fisher, Isla - Penelope Lewis 

Fisher-Becker, Simon - *The Fat Friar

Fonda, Jane - *Professor Ruby Keeson

Ford, Colin - Kian Taylor

Fowler, Georgia - Kaia Singh

Fredericks, Brittenelle - Sabrina Ringhiare

Freeman, Morgan - *Sid Brooklyn (deceased)

Fuller, Drew - *Maddox Whipple



Galocha, Alba - Silene Ferrara

Gardner, Virginia - Beatrice Baudelaire

Garner, Julia - Penelope Taylor (nee Dunson)
Germaine, Theo – not available

Gervais, Ricky - *Professor Oz Benton

Giesler, Hendrik – Alistair Fenwick

Gilinsky, Jack - Sebastian Hawthorne

Gillan, Karen - Giselle Paisley (nee Gatson)

Glau, Summer - Evangeline Tregre

Goldblum, Jeff - *Professor Pierson Wells

Goldsack, Jena – Holly Parrish

Gomez, Selena - Sage Pierce

Gong, Ji-cheol (Gong Yoo) - Haneul Kim

Gorzala, Karolina - Tallulah Deville

Gosling, Ryan - Theron Rayne

Gosse, Arthur - Nolan McCullough

Graham, Ashley – Ivy DeCastilla

Graham, Katerina "Kat" - Holland Rhodes

Gray, Conan - Primrose Gosse

Gray, Darwin - Alistair Moran-Jameson

Gray, Fabian - Augustus Huxley

Gray-Cabey, Noah - Theodore Chandler

Greene, Ellen - *Madame Josephine Eleanor Abbot

Grint, Rupert - not available

Groff, Jonathan - Travis Krueger

Grothe, Luma - Daisy James 
Gubler, Matthew Gray - Tiberius Huxley

Guerin, Heloise - not available

Gustavsson, Frida - Rosewyn O'Donnolly (nee Baudelaire)

Gyllenhaal, Jake - Chase Edwards



Haddaoui, Adil - Riad O’Connor

Hadid, Gigi - Savannah Zhou (nee Sare)

Hahn, Kathryn - Kira Griffin

Hale, Lucy - Felicity Donahue

Hammam, Imaan - Lailah Henry

Hammer, Helene – Celeste Cromwell

Hand, Willow - Matilda Elvy
Hardy, Tom - Beckett Hawthorne

Harington, Kit - Weston Caldwell

Harper, William Jackson - *Professor Gregory Harding

Harris, Neil Patrick - *Morgan Llaeth

Harrison, Dominic - Beetle King

Hart, Jessica - Molly Penvrane (nee Williamson)

Hartley, Justin - Maximus Malone

Harulia, Pasha - Posy Atwood

Hasegawa, Jun - Lana Mizushima

Hasson, Madelaine “Maddie” - Luna Elderwine

Hawkins, Sally - *Caretaker Issy Arnold

Hayward, Anders - Ethan Zabinski

Heathcote, Bella - Aveline Nox

Hedges, Lucas - Lincoln Mulaney

Heesch, Esther - Audrey Major

Helgenberger, Marg - *Veronica Grimstone

Hemsworth, Chris - Finnick Castile

Hemsworth, Liam - Killian Murphy

Henderson, Shirley - *Moaning Myrtle

Henstridge, Elizabeth - *Professor Chloe Hale

Hepburn, Audrey - *Mademoiselle Marcelle

Heughan, Sam - Jacob Swifte

Hicks, Arianna - Willow Tate

Higginson, Will - Lorcan Paisley

Highmore, Freddie - not available

Hillyer, Riley - Cordelia Brightstone

Hivju, Kristofer - *Professor Hendry McNairn

Hoechlin, Tyler - Atticus James

Hogan, Paul - *Professor Thomas Briggs

Hogue, Christian - Jamie Baudelaire

Holbrook, Boyd - *Hydrus Malfoy

Holland, Tom - Caspian Neil-Malone

Holland, Willa - Janessa Moore

Holt, Claire – Hailey Penvrane (nee  Hayes)

Holt, Olivia - Astrid Malone-Reed

Ho, Ngoc Ha - Rose Hoang

Hornby, Lesley - Vera Nox

Horst, Marloes - Hallie Baudelaire (née Moran-Jameson)

Hosk, Elsa - Florence Wilde

Houlby, Oliver - Sebastian Taylor

Hunnam, Charlie - Graham Kenway

Hunt, Ella – Adelaide Dearling

Hunt, Martha - Cosette Penvrane

Huntington-Whiteley, Rosie - Leah Parrish (nee Stilton)

Hurel, Camille - Alice Grey 

Hurt, John - *Giles Ollivander

Hwang (Young), Tiffany – Edeline Krause



Isaac, Oscar - Ezio Bray

Ivanov, Vladimir - Flint Fernsby

Iwanysyzn, Rachel - Jade Cameron



Jackson, Joshua - Cormac McCullough

James, Liam – Ronan Page

James, Lily - Isabelle (Gray) Baudelaire (deceased)

Jamil, Jameela - Tatiana Ross

Jarvis, Benjamin - Morpheus Silverlands

Jensen, Mikkel - Leon Neilson

Jessie, Claudia  - Matilda Davis

Johansson, Scarlett - Dominique LeRoux

Jolie, Angelina - Juliana Moran-Jameson (nee Moran)

Jones, Emilia - Natalia MacKenna

Jones, Felicity - Nadine Renault

Jordan, Michael B. - Mercutio Blackwood

Jordan, Odile - Verona Jameson

Joslin, Justice - Aidan Tempest
Jung, Hoseok - Newton Min

Jung, Krystal - Edna Zhou

Juste, Biel -not available



Kahling, Mindy - *Delia Ellery

Kalinina, Maria - *Madame Codrescu (deceased)

Kane, Adelaide - Elena Pozniak

Kaos, Karel - Tristan St. James

Kapoor, Sonam - Aishwarya Nagrani

Karyo, Tcheky - *John Snelling

Katava, Zhenya - Clementine Lennox

Kay, Robbie – Frankie Tyler

Keery, Joe - Fergus Lockerby

Kei, Liza - Remi Acorn

Keith, Penelope - *Iris Quickbloom

Kendrick, Anna - Alina Walsh

Kharitonova, Olesya - Merri Mac

Kichigina, Sasha - Marlowe Barnes

Kim, Chung-ha - Ahri Yun
Kim Hyo Jong (E'Dawn) - Chance King
Kim, Jongin (Kai) - Jason Yang

Kim, Namjoon (RM) - Yoon-ki Song

Kim, Seokjin - Clancy Oh

Kim Tae-Hee - Mira Choi

Kim, Taehyung - Johnny Walker

Kim, Yongsun - Solar Rhys

Kim, Yoo Jung - Aera Choi

King, Reece - Ty Gray (deceased)

King, RJ - Jonathan Belvedere

Kizko, Tanya - Ophelia Moran-Jameson

Komatsu, Nana - Kinsei Sakamoto

Kortajarena, Jon - Flynn von Eicken

Kovalenko, Alina - Arabella Taylor

Kravitz, Zoe - Morgana Underwood

Kubicka, Sandra – Alex Nichols

Kudaibergen, Dimash - Serik Maksatov

Kuhlmann, Janusz - Bence Aurelian

Kutcher, Ashton - *Jason Friske (deceased)

Kuusik, Harleth - Nerissa Ringhiare

Kwon, Ji Yong (G-Dragon) - Layne Buchanan

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*Supreme Mugwump


Lachowski, Francisco - Connor Avery
Lafferty, James - Daniel Penvrane

LaFontan, Mara - Manon Havilland

Lambert, Yumi - Claudine Jameson

Lane, Diane - Zia Delacroix

Lange, Jessica - *Madame Amaryllis Tavora

Langford, Katherine - Lyra Fisher-Gray 
Laros, Daniel - Kaiden Fischer

Larson, Brie - Margaret Lewis

Lashae, Taylor - Amelie Mercier

Laughton-Scott, Hugh - Septimus Huxley

Laswick, Marina - Audra Maxwell (nee Wellington)

Laurence, Oona - Hesperia Lotte

Law, Jude - Nicolas La Cour

Lawrence, Jennifer - Mackenzie Shiver

Leabu, Tristan Lake - Tiberius Prenderghaist

Lee, Dongmin (Cha Eun-Woo) - Arden Lim

Lee, Ji-Eun - Selena Yoon

Lee, Jongsuk - Jaemin Lee

Lee, Victoria - Bryn St. James

Lee, Yongbok (Felix) - Jona Lee

Lenz, Bethany Joy - *Bridget Hargreave

Leuenberger, Anja - Sophie Faust

Lewis, Aiyana - Isolt Neilson

Li, Kate – Lisette Montfort

Lillard, Matthew - *Peeves

Lindberg, Owen - Luca Neilson

Lipa, Dua - Violet Holloway

Lively, Blake - Serafina Warrick 

Lloyd, Cher - Juliette Hyde

Lofland, Jacob - Alder Ward-Holmes

London, Melinda - Octavia St. Claire

Long, Marissa – not available

Lopez, Jennifer - Roxanna Vidales

Lopez Osorio, Daniela - Vanessa Amaro

Loof, Simon - Archer Swifte

Lu, Han – Cecil Zhou

Ludwig, Alexander - Garrett Haywood (deceased)

Luss, Sasha - Psyche Silverlands

Lyonne, Natasha - *Sybil Wardenson



Macdonald, Kelly - *The Grey Lady

Macek, Florian - Hadrian Fawley

Mackay, George - Timothy Clegg

Mackey, Emma - Elisabeth Percival

Madden, Richard - Wesley Campbell-van Dijk (ne Campbell)

Manganiello, Joe - Helios Young

Mara, Kate - Kerrigan Bray

Maridueña, Xolo – Cygnus Parra

Marling, Brit - Grete Demirci

Marsden, James - Thaddeus Taylor-Mackinnon

Mathers, Isabelle - Luisa Reitman-Hughes

May, Isabel - Cassidy Ford

McAdams, Rachel - Clementine Atwood

McCormick, Sierra - Catherine Keller

McDonough, Neal - *Professor Timothy MacFarlane

McGrath, Katie - Saoirse McCullough (nee O’Riain)

McGregor, Ewan - *Alec Fulton

McMillan, Miles - Laurent Ellis

McNamara, Katherine - Marguerite Artois

McSweeney, Clara - Emmaline Taylor

McTavish, Graham  - *Martin Selby

Medders, Kerri – Cordelia Booth

Melton, Charles - Octavius Young

Metcalfe, Jesse - Ripley Bryants

Mi, Cha - Iris Hoang

Mickelson, Meredith - Mallory Hale

Miles, Frankie - Tatianna Brennan

Milky, Daria - Alannah McCullough

Miller, Sienna - Emma Carter (nee Lynfield)

Miller, Wentworth - Lysander Phi

Min, Justin H. - Arlo Gray

Miranda, Maria Dominguez - Margarida da Luz

Mison, Tom - Kieran Tempest

Mitchell, Maia - Juno Huxley

Mitchell, Maia - Maia Huxley

Mitchell, Shay - Grace Sayer (nee Tallis)
Mizuhara, Kiko – Astrid Elderflower (nee Darlington)

Moe, Vanessa - Dinah Gray

Monaghan, Cameron - Basil Inkwell 

Montgomery, Dacre - *Chad Carmody (deceased)

Montgomery, Janet - Isidore Fisher-Gray

Moore, Julianne - Catriona Wood-Coburn (nee Isla-Wood) (deceased)

Morgan, Colin - Antoni Wise

Morrison, Jennifer - Felicity McQueen (nee Reinhart)

Mortimer, Emily - *Professor Shari Clampton

Moseley, William - Leo Penvrane

Mulaney, John - Jaxon Madden (deceased)

Munn, Olivia - Gemma (Xin-Swifte) Zabinski (deceased)

Murphy, Annie - Cassandra Owens 

Murphy, Cillian - George Bennet

Murray, Chad Michael - Theodore Hughes (nee Luddington)

Muska, Beate - Mallory O'Connell-York



Nam, Joo-hyuk -not available

Neff, Garrett - Rian McCullough

Nery, Marina - Aubrey Sargent

Newton, Kathryn - Goneril Wickham

Nicolas, Gael - Thomas Atwood (ne Wilkinson)

Niehaus, Nathan - Leo Lyons

Northwood-Blyth, Bambi - Aurelia Wilde

Novaj, Joland - Elton Devile

Nye, Bill - Adrian Jameson (ne Hunter)



O’Brien, Dylan - Alexander Russell

O'Donnell, Rosie - *Gabrielle Blunt

O'Donoghue, Colin - Ciaran Malone (deceased)

O'Gorman, Dean - Soren Valkyrie

O’Pry, Sean - Ambrose Belvedere

Odom Jr, Leslie - David Webb

Ok, Taec-yeon - Louis Moon

Olsen, Elizabeth - Dorit Neil-Malone

Oh, Se-Hun - Gosh Noh

Oman, Teresa - Ginta Ives

Owen, Clive - *Paracelsus Smethwyk



Pacheco, Renan - Jacquelin Spectre

Padukone, Deepika – Sonia Nagrani (deceased)

Pagani, Alice - Santana Spectre (nee Marinos) (deceased)

Page, Elliot – not available

Paisley, Devin - Ashley Neilson
Palvin, Barbara - Lennon Renault

Panjabi, Archie - *Headmistress Isla Ashlock

Paris, Jehane - Aurora Whitlock

Park, Bo-Young - Yoona Song

Park, Chanyeol - Rumour Leroux

Park, Jung Yoon - Sutton Vaughn

Park, Shin-Hye - Laura Park

Parker, Nathaniel - *Nathaniel Railsback

Parker, Sarah Jessica - *Belladonna Lesauvage

Parrish, Hunter – Rory Major

Pattinson, Robert – James Atlas

Pavorotti, Luciano - *Tom Malone

Payne, Liam - Cassian Kazimir

Payne, Tom - Christophe Wexler

Pedersen, Ruby - Esther Wiggentree

Perdomo, Chance - Wendell Woodward

Perry, Brooke - Charlotte Hughes (deceased)

Perry, Danielle Victoria - Cecilia Langley

Personnaz, Raphaël - Anthony Wexler

Petkovic, Antonina - Alice Wight

Pettyfer, Alex – Elliot Gray

Phelps, James/Oliver - not available

Pickering, Rhys - Simon Zabinski

Pienaar, Danika - June van Dijk

Pierkarz, Marta - Rieka Faust

Pililaau, Jack - Lani Keli'i

Pill, Alison - Abigail Harper

Piper, Aron – Simon Spiegelman
Pitt, Brad - Roderick Wood-Coburn

Pol, Ruben - Laurent May

Pollmann, Stefan - Casper Elderflower
Pollock, Matthew - Perseus Bloodworth

Poly, Natasha - Clementine Carmichael

Poots, Imogen - Roselen Desjardins

Popplewell, Anna - Theodora Calvert

Porfirova, Alexandra - Norissa Paisley

Porowski, Antoni - Haziel Reyes

Postlethwaite, Pete - *Fereydoon Farzi (deceased)
Powell, Luke - Henri Favreau

Powers, Keith - Gideon Montgomery-Fitzroy

Prinsloo, Behati - Magnolia Knight

Puth, Charlie - Etienne La Cour





Radcliffe, Daniel - not available

Rapace, Noomi - Naomie Elderwine (nee Noke)

Rasmussen, Riley - Noelle Paisley
Rawlins, Maggie - Emilia Dragomir

Redmayne, Eddie - not available

Reifler, Paige - Bridget Quinby

Reilly, Kelly - *Margaret Ryan

Reinhart, Lili - Ainsley St. Buckingham

Rhoda, Hilary - *Professor Rebekah Sinclair

Rhys Meyers, Jonathan - Morgan Faust (né Pascoe)

Richardson, Haley Lu - Aoife McCullough

Richardson, Ian - *Professor Binns

Rigvava, Serge - Faelen Cashel

Ripoll, Nicolas - Remington Post

Risso, Andres - Blue Blackwood (nee Stark)  (deceased)

Robb, AnnaSophia - Ceilidh Murphy

Robbie, Margot- Fern Dangerfield

Roberts, Emma - Yves Saikaly

Roberts, Julia - *Althea Quirke

Robertson, Britt – Ruthie Hayes

Robertson, Kathleen - Tiffany Neil

Robinson, Janelle Monáe (Janelle Monae) - Siobhan Rae

Roden, Holland - Maggie Rosewood

Rodrigo, Olivia - Malice Match

Rodriguez, Tashi - Eris Huxley

Roerig, Zach - Jude Penvrane

Ronan, Saoirse - Cerys Llewlyn

Rowe, Charlie - Ezra Parrish

Roxburgh, Melissa - Raven Collins 

Rowling, J.K. - not available

Roxin, Daria - Leila Hathaway

Rudd, Emily - Siomha McCullough

Rudd, Paul - Jonas Major
Rudenko, Valeria – Nymeria Locke
Rudnicka, Ola - Sophia Jameson-Mackinnon (nee Taylor-Mackinnon)

Russell, Kurt - Abraham Neil-Malone

Russett, Andrea - Anastasia Mitchell

Rutherford, Eric - Wilder Mackinnon (deceased)

Ruy Barbosa, Marina - Rosemary Bell

Ryder, Winona - Lindey Stewart-Bray (nee Stewart) (deceased)


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*Supreme Mugwump


Saldana, Zoe - Bellamy Major (nee Maxwell)

Samberg, Andy - Oliver Zabinski

Sampaio, Sara - Meara Sparrow

Sanchez, Carolina - Freya Malone-Reed

Sanders, Jasmine - Artemis Sergeant-Hudson

Scandelari, Luiza - Margot Wexler

Schauten, Noor - Cordelia Heinrich

Schonberger, Romy - Temperance Locke

Scodelario, Kaya - Aveline Grimes (nee Delaunay)

Sheehan, Robert – Sirocco Lawler

Seeley, Drew - Joseph Maxwell

Selezneva, Anna - Eloise Malone-Reed (nee Kohler-Reed)

Seo, Ju-hyun - Jinyoung Moon

Seppalainen, Otto - Zachary St. James (nee Ford)
Seyfried, Amanda - Posy McQueen

Sharman, Daniel - Amory Gray (deceased)

Shelbia, Yael - Evaina Michalski

Shim, Changmin (Max) - Evrion McCloud (nee Kyung)

Sikkink, Tuur - Brooks Atherton

Sink, Sadie - Abrianna Adler

Skarsgard, Alexander - Richard Moran-Jameson (deceased)

Smit, Nimue - Bridie Swifte

Smith, Lucky Blue - Elias Roy

Smith, Solange – Reaghan McLoughlin

Smith, Will - *Isaac Alvey

Smithers, Tyrone - River Wilde

Somerhalder, Ian - Kinsley Nott

Song, Hye Kyo - Yvette Lee

Sprouse, Cole - Matthew Slazy

Stam, Jessica - *Magdala Ethermeyer (deceased)

Stan, Sebastian - Nicholas James (nee Laurent)

Steinfeld, Hailee - Emerence Theriault

Stenberg, Amandla - not available

Stevenin, Sagamore- Owen Hornby

Stevenson, Theo - Remy Theriault

Stewart, Kristen - Rosalie Holmes

Stewart-Jarrett, Nathan - Adewale Kayola

Streep, Meryl - *Professor Callista Alexander

Strong, Ryder - *Keegan Collins (deceased)

Styles, Harry – Jonathan Fenwick

Sumida, Britni - Sabrina Abbott

Sutherland, Donald - *Patrick Beauchene

Swanson, Sean - Niklaus Ringhiare (deceased)

Sweeney, Sydney - Beth Montgomery

Swift, Taylor - Bliss Wexton

Szalanski, Tomek - Frederick Havilland (ne James)



Takanori, Iwata - Zachary Bell

Taylor, Elyse - Ashton Swifte

Taylor-Johnson, Aaron - Thornley Walker

Taylor-Joy, Anya - Louisa Zabinski

Tennant, David - Elijah Bray (deceased)

Tenorio, Bruna - Janaina Costa

Teixeira, Goncalo - Genghis Gosse

Theron, Charlize - *Brigette Bower

Thompson, Tessa - Ealys GrayMorr (nee Morr)

Thwaites, Brenton - Zephyr Abergavenny

Tick, Pamela - Pippa Gardner

Tomlin, Lily - *Professor Ethel Tannatt

Tonkin, Phoebe - Sienna Huxley (nee Penvrane)

Tonnesen, Lucas - Alrick Malone-Reed

Torres, Gina - *Professor Winifred Loveless

Torv, Anna - Ella Demirci-Coburn (nee Demirci)

Trapsh, Stella - Violet Dodge

Trowbridge, Elle - Ariadne Moran-Jameson

Tsai, Lauren - Simeon Zhao

Turner, Aidan – Cedar Lawler

Turner, Elizabeth - Molly Kingston-Rhodes

Turner, Sophie - Sarah Caldwell

Tyler, William – Eos Gray (nee Rutherford) (deceased)



Ulliel, Gaspard - Jack McQueen

Unger, Billy - Gideon Galgrave

Urie, Brendon - Rowan McKenzie



Valbracht, Bram - Blennioidei Revazishvili (deceased)

Vanderham, Joanna - *Lily Marcelle

Van Den Hoven, Jaco - Merick Rosier

van Snippenberg, Mats - Justin Case

Vasylchenko, Antonina - Josephine Baudelaire

Verhees, Hanna - Aislinn Berry

Verkerk, Francois - Raghnall Redburn

Videla, Mateo - Blair Flores

Viiperi, River - Felix Swifte-Legrande

Vikander, Alicia - Aurora Landvik-Faust (nee Landvik) (deceased)

Vilkeviciute, Edita - Saoirse Balfe
Violet, Alissa - Romeo Blackwood
Visser, Neels - Liam Neilson
Vloet, Sanne - Maisie Kent (deceased)

Volker, Luke - Claude Wickham



Washington, Kerry- Atthis Sergeant-Hudson (nee Sergeant) (deceased)

Watanabe, Ken - *Lawrence Leung

Watson, Emma - not available

Weiss, Charleen - Percy McQueen

Wessberg, Cajsa - Genevieve Reyes

Westbrook-Patrick, Gabby - Helena St. James

Whittaker, Jodie - Clara Chandler

Wilding, Edward - Finely Malone (ne Neil-Malone)

Williams, Maisie - Vincent Sorrows

Williams, Markel - Hieronymus Frye

Williams II, Megan - Josephine Trewhella (nee Roy)

Williams, Tyler James – Nathan Robinson

Willis, Bruce - *Scott Mason

Wilson, Rebel - *Ramona Darling

Wolf, Sascha - Merlin Marlot

Wolfhard, Finn - Hugo Brightwell

Woodley, Shailene - Rosemarie Chatwin

Woon, Émile - Alfie Jameson

Wördemann, Linus Jasper - Lincoln Moore

Wright, Bonnie - not available

Wyrick, James - Levi Rose



Xuan, Lu (Lulu) - Amelia Major



Yen, Donnie - *Nathaniel Yang

Yibo, Wang - Minjun Kang



Zadro, Amelia - Talullah Burnell

Zmora, Adda – Simone Westerly

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